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Couple of Holtville Girls get the V.I.P. Treatment

Emily Acosta, Bailey Sparlin

Emily Acosta had a terrific experience on Sunday when she got the V.I.P. treatment at the Emily Osment concert in San Diego.  Emily, and her friend Bailey Sparlin were able to go backstage prior to the concert and meet with the performer, get her autograph, and have photos taken.  This treat was a belated Christmas gift from her big brother, Cody, who is a friend of Emily Osment’s tour manager, Leo Herrera.  Emily and Emily spent a few minutes getting acquainted before the concert began.  Emily and Bailey had center-stage position for the concert, and Emily was able to get several handshakes from Ms. Osment during the concert.  Emily Osment also reached down and presented Emily with her guitar pick after one of her songs.