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County Supervisors Approved Reallocation of CDBG Grants for Earthquake Vitums

By Mario Conde

The County Board of Supervisors approved Tuesday the reallocation of CDBG grants for people that were affected by the earthquake last month.

Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger declared the Imperial County as a disaster zone due to the 7.2 magnitude earthquake the hit our region in April. The County Board of supervisors heard from people that lived in trailer parks their grief and problems facing after the earthquake. Residents of those areas returned to the County Board of Supervisors to support the reallocation of monies and approval of the resolution that could help them get back on track after they had been spending a most of their income in paying utility bills.

Calexico Schools to Reopen May 10th

By Mario Conde

Tony Gonzales and Carmen Estrada receive donations from John Renison and Bill Hodge

Contractors are working hard to repair the damage caused by earthquake in order to reach the target day for school opening on May 10th, 2010.

The Calexico Unified School District announced last Wednesday that three major contractors have been employed and began repairs on Wednesday evening, April 28, 2010. They are currently alternating between two ten-hour shifts, diligently working to meet the May 10 school opening.