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The future of the Calexico City Attorney is in question as it was determined that she didn’t qualify for employee’s retirement system with the City.
Through an independent investigation it was determined that City Attorney Jennifer Lyon does not qualify to get California Public Employees’ Retirement System benefits. City Manager Richard Warne said that upon arriving in Calexico he was surprised to see Lyon’s name in the employee retirement system.
Warne then began an independent investigation on this and it was determined that Lyon did not work the required hours to qualify for CalPERS.
The City of Calexico hired the law firm McDougal, Love, Eckis, Boehmer & Foley in 2006 to replace Michael Rood as their legal counsel. Lyon provided the legal services and her contract was amended in 2007 stating that she would be a full time employee and that the city would apply for her entrance into the California Public Employees’ Retirement System as a full-time employee. Lyon has worked as City Attorney for the City of Imperial Beach since February 2010.
Lyon only worked forty hours for the City and does not qualify for employee retirement benefits or compensations.
“The law states you have to be a full time employee to qualify for public employee retirement and she is a partner at a law firm.” Warne said.
Warne stated that they contacted CalPERS and asked for a refund which was granted so that City will receive back $50,390.53 for the last eight years paid into the retirement system by the city.
“She’s a City Attorney and she should have known what she was doing was not right and it’s a very serious matter that the council needs to analyze.” he said.
Lyon has not been to a Calexico City Council meeting since November of last year and one of her associates has been covering for her since then.
At Tuesday’s Calexico City Council meeting, Lyon and her firm were terminated from the city’s employ by a three-two Council vote held in closed session

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