By Mario Conde
Calexico Interim Police Chief Michael Bostic held a press conference to denounce alleged council interference in a criminal investigation.
Chief Bostic called a press conference on Wednesday, November 19, to discuss acts of corruption by some members of the Calexico City Council and the Calexico Police Officers Association. Bostic said that there is an ongoing criminal investigation about a kidnapping and assault case that happen during the time Tabarez was chief.
He said that the former chief and investigative unit “botch” the investigation and now his current officers in charge of investigations are taking anger from the family of the victim and how some council members are using this situation to get rid of the city manager. Bostic did not mention the council members by name.
He mentioned how the sergeant that was in charge of investigations and narcotics had no cases under his supervision.
“The Calexico PD did not do a darn thing. There are no reports or documents of the investigation. They just provide lip service to the victim and his family. That upsets me a lot and will allow any crime victim in the city will not be treated like this again.” Bostic said.
Bostic said the victim is angry at him but assured him they are trying to clean up the mess. He said that the council members are trying to use the argument that they are not giving professional policing services as grounds for removal.
“They want to use the actions of the former chief and his staff and blame it on my current officers that are busting their tales and me. That is political corruption at its best.”
Bostic mentioned how those council members tried to call a special meeting to fire the city manager but said that was not possible city the Calexico Municipal Code states that there can be no change of City Manager 90 days after the election.
He also mentioned that is an extortion racket going on as the previous administration bought expensive surveillance equipment using taxpayer money to follow council members and catch them in compromising position and used for extortion. Bostic said there is evidence and the FBI is now looking at it.
“I’m sick of this and I will not put up with it. Whoever tries to impede an investigation will be prosecuted.” He said.
For his part, Mayor John Moreno said the council was elected to serve the people and not personal agendas.
“We took an oath to protect and defend the constitution. They knew what they were doing and I will not feel sorry if there a consequences for them.” Moreno said.

Country Day vs Vikings_edited-5The Holtville Vikings started their post- season on Friday night as the faced Calvary Christian Academy in the quarterfinals of the San Diego Section 5 playoffs.

Holtville received the ball to start the game and moved the ball quickly down the field. Muñoz connected with Hernandez for a 30 yard reception and a touchdown using only 1:20 of the clock. The extra point was missed, leaving the score at 6-0 Holtville.

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