The Calexico Bulldogs lost to Central 63-25 on what was Calexico’s last home game of the season on Friday October 23, 2015.
It was one of the toughest games Calexico had faced at ward field, with player injuries and hard hits coming from both home and Central, the away team. The Bulldogs managed to have their second highest scoring game of the season thus far, with 25 points but unfortunately for them Central surpassed them with a score of 63.
Calexico managed to keep a steady pace throughout much of the first half, however for the most part Calexico was behind Central in points. Victory however did not seem impossible, but during the second half Calexico was bombarded with touchdowns, and the goal of both the spectators and team to win the last home game of the season was long gone.
Calexico coaches analyzed ways to counter the offensive and defensive attacks by Central and very passionately directed the players, but play by play execution by Calexico was often faulty. However, Calexico did play their best and attempted to come out on top.
Players were very serious on Friday, it seemed as though they were extremely focused. Calexico is on a very bad losing streak, having lost every single game this season, and with two more away games to go before the season comes to a close, they are sure to bring up a heftier fight on their following game.
Calexico is up against Imperial High School on Friday October, 30 at Imperial, C.A.
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By Jim Predmore,
KGBA has been broadcasting Christian programming for the Imperial Valley listeners for many years. They are licensed through the City of Holtville and have their offices along with their tower in El Centro. KGBA is also known as “Your Media Missionaries in the Desert,” “Keeping God Before All,” and the “Voice of Christian Evangelism.” They have been in the planning process to relocate their broadcasting tower for over two years.
The current tower is located in the old junk yard site at the corner of Evan Hewes and Hwy 111. KGBA has been leasing the ground that that tower sits on. The soil in that location has extreme levels of alkaline that have been attacking the concrete footings for the tower. Along with the alkaline it is suspected that the soil has been contaminated from the junked automobiles that used to be stored at that location. The property is also being offered for sale.
KGBA has purchased a property just to the north of the current property and has been going through all of the planning and permitting to do so. The new tower will be approximately 3000 feet to the north on a parcel that is over 28 acres in size.
They have been granted approval from the Imperial County Planning Department and the Imperial County Airport Land Use Commission, along with a Mitigated Negative Declaration being prepared for the project in accordance with California Environmental Quality Act Guidelines.
At the September 23, 2015 public hearing, the Planning Commission denied the Mitigated Negative Declaration and Findings, the Mitigation Monitoring and Reporting Program and Conditional Use Permit and Variance due to safety issued brought up from the crop dusting industry.
Some of the concerns were the guy wires and lighting and ground biological assessment on the project site. During the public hearing comment portion of the hearing the comments were duly noted by the project proponent. With these listed public concerns, KGBA has proposed the following action: To build a free standing tower. The free standing tower will eliminate the need for guy wires, which were a safety concern to those who apply crop protection by air. They have also proposed to obtain the services of a license biologist, to conduct a ground biological assessment on the project site and implement the findings.
With these enhancements to the project, KGBA has asked for an appeal from the Imperial County Board of Supervisors.
That public hearing will be held on November 3, 2015 at 8:45 am. at the Board of Supervisors Chambers in El Centro.

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