In Other Words 12-24-10

A Suggestion For A National Shopping Day!

THE HOLIDAY SHOPPING SEASON IS just about over and the merchants are ringing their cash registers with good cheer – or so we hope.
Meanwhile we have just about had it with Christmas Shopping and Christmas ads and Christmas Carols turned into jingles singing the virtues of Big Box stores.
Perhaps its time for a radical change in the Holiday. May I suggest moving Christmas to, say January, where its celebrated in parts of Europe.
Then, perhaps people would be able get the true meaning of Christmas without all the overpowering commercialism. Lord knows, the world needs a little peace and harmony these days.
A Martian coming to earth and tuning in to our communications would think the true meaning is Buy, Buy, Buy!
Well, Friends, let’s just give in and move the whole Holiday somewhere else. That way the retail sharks could each other alive in one massive feeding frenzy before NATIONAL SHOPPING DAY!
National Shopping Day would pay homage to retailers everywhere.
A giant present box would be erected in town squares from coast to coast People would bring their kids to see Hector the Present Master and tell him what they wanted to receive in their shopping bags on National Shopping Day.
Hector would ride around the world on a Mattel rocket sled powered by Energizer batteries shouting Happy Shopping Day! Buy Now! Buy Now!
Toddlers would have Fisher-Price shopping baskets to push around their houses to pick up toy present boxes that are scattered about. That way they would learn the true meaning of National Shopping Day.
And there would be jingles. All kinds of jingles. Jingling there way all the way to the bank where National Shoppers would empty their savings accounts to get money for gifts that people will look at then discard them  or send to someone else next year.
That way, National Shopping Day can perpetuate itself. There will always be a need fore useless junk.
MEANWHILE THE REST OF US WHO WANT to celebrate the birth of the Christ child can do so in peace at a quieter time of the year.
I really enjoyed several shows on TV that featured genuine Christmas music presented in philharmonic splendor with grace and style.
Fortunately, a few of these shows slip through on the cable channels. The networks have been turned into gigantic shopping guides of the air. And in the true spirit of capitalism they advertise all the items, such as computers, iPods, iPhones, Trons, Droids, Zoids and Gazoids that will eventually put the networks out of business.
Who cares about the future when there is a buck to be made today!?
Peace. And Happy Shopping Day to all!
I HAVE TO CLOSE WITH A FEW WORDS ABOUT MIKE JOHNSON who passed away this week. He died of cancer , but his spirit will remain here for a long, long time.
He was a drug addict and a criminal who turned his life around completely.
His effect on most people will be felt for many years and anyone who changed his life because of him is a blessing we should all be thankful for.
Mike was nominated for the Chamber of Commerce’s Citizen of the Year Award more times than any other person in the 50 year history of the award.
The fact that he never received the award only reflects on the unforgiving nature of the people in Holtville who see themselves as Absolute Moralizers.
Mike saw the error of his ways and turned himself around. More people need to do that. Then it would be a considerably better world to live in.
Even though he was nominated many times, he was the first to cheer the winners and sing their praises. For in his last few years, he was able to find the positive in life and expand on it for many people who had lost hope.
We will miss him here in Imperial Valley. Be sure to think of him at Christmas.
Peace again.

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