In Other Words 12-10-10

Bits & Pieces From A Christmas Curmudgeon

I guess you’d say I have, but those doggone crowds still get me antsy. They make the merchants happy ‘cause they know they are making money. But, I for one, would prefer a little less crowded space.
I went into a couple of stores last week where the clerks were so incredibly nice that I had to stop and think where I was. This I definitely wasn’t used to, especially at Christmas Shopping time.
But there they were, all smiles and ready to help me with my purchases.
One of them bagged them up and another rang me up, all while I was treated with smiles of genuine gratitude.
The store was full of people too. This got me into a better mood and made me wonder why more merchants don’t train their help to smile and be nice. They might even get a little more business out of it. I know I bought an extra item because the people were so polite I wasn’t in any hurry to leave.
The same was true at a couple of other stores too. Smiling faces, in these cases, were good for business. Most of the other customers in the store were doing a lot of looking, but maybe not so much buying. They may have been basking in the niceness – a precious commodity  anytime of the year.
That experience lowered my blood pressure, lifted my spirits and kept me from huffing and puffing for the rest of the afternoon.
What’s a curmudgeon to do? You can’t get good and grumpy when everybody else is smiling. Maybe it will be a decent Christmas after all.
CHRISTMAS IN A SMALL TOWN IS A tradition in Imperial that has been around almost as long as I have.
All of these great Holiday sales can help you get a Christmas gift you may not have thought of and get you out among the people to make some new friends.
It takes place Saturday, Dec. 11th from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. You won’t have trouble finding it. Just follow the crowd.
Calexico will have its annual Christmas parade again, this time along Imperial Avenue. A change of direction from previous years. But it won’t leave out downtown since it will wind through there and end up at Rockwood Plaza. The same place as always.
You can take in the big parade, then head over to Imperial if you’re of a mind to do such things. Both events should be a plus for the local economy.
I’ve been impressed with the events in all the cities this year. They are offering people more and delivering on their promises.
It’s a great way to get into the Holiday spirit and help out some worthy causes.
IT LOOKS AS THOUGH THE NEW Port of Entry  in Calexico is actually going to get started this February. Or so they tell us.
That will help the progress of Calexico get moving forward once more and bring a huge influx of cash to the area. It will create jobs and payroll that can be spent in local stores.
Folks working on it will also need some new places to live and new entertainment venuses.
This could be a genuine stimulus package that helps get the area moving forward once more. The $283 million price tag has been approved by Congress.
People who cross the border on a regular basis are going to get a break from the long lines and traffic delays.
Imperial Avenue in Calexico will lose some of its impact since the new entry will line up with Cesar Chavez Ave. on the other side of the railroad tracks. That should spur some more growth in the city too.
Brawley held a press conference this week to talk about its new fire station, which will be built on the east side of town. That’s minor compared to a new port of entry, but it is also a sign that money is once again available and that it can be put to use a manor that is beneficial to the community as well as local businesses.
Take that, you Republican doomsayers. The party of “grey haired old men” is still out of touch with society.
Peace and Noel and Christmastime.

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