A Bit of This and That 12-31-10

A Look Back At 2010

2010 was an interesting year, at least it was to me.
I didn’t have the opportunity to take part in the Carrot Festival, but I heard things went well.
It would be nice, however, if Holtville’s business and political community took advantage of the opportunities that the Festival provides them and promote the city more.
Sure, the art gallery is nice and parade is cool, but this could be a perfect chance for the city to promote the local businesses and for the chamber to promote the city as a good place to do business in.
It would also be nice to see the City to showcase itself like Brawley does with Cattle Call.
Just saying….

The Fair was pretty good, this year, with tribute acts to the Beatles, The Eagles and Van Halen headlining the event.
There were also local musicians showcased in other parts of the fairgrounds.
The tributes have been a slice of heaven compared to the “major” acts of previous years.
Still, knowing the people of the Valley, the time will come in the next couple of years where the board will have to do something different, like bring in a major act.
It’s understandable that the fair is struggling with funding, but there has to be some sort of corporate sponsorship that would be willing to bring in a known act to the fair.
Another thing I would suggest is moving the stage back towards the racetrack.  This would stretch out the front of the stage, plus add some extra seats for VIPs.
Also, please fix the asphalt  walkways and do something about the dirt in the midway.  The road is difficult to walk on and every gust of wind puts dirt in candy apples and nachos in that area.
Just saying…
Cattle Call was well run, as usual.  It’s a situation where experience does make things smooth.
Changes to the Queen’s Contest were well done, thanks to the work of Kelly Hannon and her committee.
Everything else went as smoothly as expected.
For once, I’m at a loss of what to suggest except to say that the various committees should always look towards adding new things to make these traditional events interesting for the locals as well as the tourists.
When asked for the highlight of the year, people suggest the night Brawley won the Bell back, or the night of
I say, the highlight for us, as a paper, was the Cattle Call Chili Cook-Off.  Despite, or in spite of, our place in the obscurity corner of the Arena Park area, we had hundreds of people taste and praise our team’s recipe.
Of course, talking myself ragged trying to draw people’s attention over to us was fun as well.
Every year, I make one New Year’s Resolution:  To not make another New Year’s resolution until next year.
New Year’s Resolutions are silly, to be blunt.  If you need to make a change in your life, why wait until New Year’s Eve to make it?  April 15 is just as important as December 31 when making a pledge to change your life.
Of course, gyms and fitness places love New Years because of all the resolutions, only to lose the customer after a handful of weeks when people realize how hard it is to work out.
Finally, a few weeks ago, I began a Facebook account.  If you want to add me, look me up under my name.
I try to add people I know, but if you mention something in the friend request
And to all of you who have yet to approve my friend request, yes, it is me.  And if that’s why you haven’t approved it, well…
Anyways, here’s hoping you had a Merry Christmas, a Happy Hannukah, a Kind Kwanzaa, an uplifting  Yule, a Pleasant Festivus, a Soulful Saturnalia, or a Happy Holidays.
And if I forgot you, well…
See you in 2011!
Until next time…

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