A Bit of This and That 10-08-10

A New Title, Events Around The Corner, San Diego Keeps Its ‘Con!

There Is a famous Twitter feed known as [Bleep] my dad says, which has become a CBS hit television show starring William Shatner.
With that revelation, I thought about changing the title of my column from “Going off Slightly” to something else.
It would have been “[Bleep] my ears hear,” but that would scare off more than a few people!
So, I decided on “A Bit of This and That,” since focusing on one topic has always been difficult.  Hopefully, you, dear readers, can keep up!
FOOTBALL SEASON IS upon all of us, with local action involving the seven high schools in addition to professional and college games on television, it’s a great time for fans of the gridiron.
Well, it would be if not for the armchair quarterbacks in the stands, whose time either passed them by decades ago or never came, yet know exactly what to do at all times.
During one play at last week’s game, an overeager Brawley kid leapt towards a ball that was close to the end zone, trying to keep it on the field.  Unfortunately, he touched it while he landed in the end zone.
Instantly, a handful of these experts started berating the kid for a simple case of being too eager to make the big play.
While audience interaction is a part of the game and adrenaline flows both on and off the field, anyone who criticizes a kid for trying too hard needs to look in the mirror on occasion.  Maybe if these backseat quarterbacks tried a little harder, who knows what might have happened.
WITH THE 54TH annual Cattle Call week approaching in less than a month, things are beginning to take shape in the north county city.
Next Friday and Saturday sees the crowning of a new Cattle Call Queen and Junior Queen, along with other pre-Cattle Call events.
Then, we have the excitement of the week itself, starting with the Chili Cook-off, the Cowbelle’s BBQ, the mini-Rodeo for Valley youngsters and more.
And, for those looking for some non-Cattle Call excitement; we’ll have the 67th Bell Game at Warne Field between the Brawley Wildcats and the Central Spartans, which looks to be a competitive match-up as always.
Finally, there’s the parade and Rodeo itself, which brings over 20,000 people to the city, not to mention all of the post parade and rodeo activity in the area.
So, start dusting off those Stetsons and get those boots and
Speaking of Just around the corner, Halloween is coming at the end of the month, which means that stores are filling up with costumes, cosmetics, candy and masks for children of all ages.
I’ve always loved Halloween, simply for the costumes.  For children, it’s the one day where they get to be something else, even if for a little while.
This is also one of the many reasons why I like going to the San Diego Comic-Con, because people of all ages and sizes can dress up for a week as their favorite superhero, movie or video game character and live it up.
Of course, when you take the little ones out to trick or treat on October 31, make sure you keep your kid safe and be with them at all times.  Also, remember to inspect every piece of candy or candy apple for any hidden dangers.
With San Diego keeping Comic-Con for another five years (see story on page 10), months of speculation can finally be put to rest.
At least until 2013, hehe…
The convention that began with five guests and 300 people at the old U.S. Grant hotel in 1970 has skyrocketed in the past few years to over 140,000 attendees and guests.
The convention has even spilled over into nearby hotels and businesses eager for a piece of the $163 million the convention generates for Downtown San Diego.  This is in addition to the worldwide media coverage San Diego gets during the convention, when more reporters per capita descend on San Diego than in any other city at any other time.
Now the ball is in the court of San Diego, who needs to find an extra $750 million to expand the convention center.
The San Diego Comic-Con has been an institution in “America’s Finest City,” and it needs to remain so for another 40 years.
NOW THAT SUMMER is almost at an end, perhaps it’s time that the Main Street Association and the Brawley Chamber of Commerce consider more events for their calendar.
It’s understandable that, with the economy the way it has been, people have been reluctant to sponsor events in Brawley.  Still, one more event wouldn’t kill the organization, especially one between January and April, between Christmas on Main and the Sweet Onion Festival.  Call it the “Spring Thing” or something, and make the theme of it the “Future of Brawley.”  Just an idea…
While I’m on a roll, how many vendors in the downtown area actually help and support the Main Street Association’s efforts, which these events are supposed to help draw attention to?  Just another thought…
Brawley has several opportunities to not only turn these events into well attended events but to make sure that the area that needs the most attention, Downtown Brawley, gets that attention. However, it’s up to the businesses in the area to ensure that the attention isn’t just drawn to the Plaza Park, but the entire area.

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