A Bit of This and That 11-05-10

The Aftermath Of The Election & The Rest

Some may attempt to call me a “card carrying member of the left-wing” after this column.
I’m not sure that’s much of an insult anymore considering who (and what) are on the “right-wing.”

I’m sure there were some sheepish grins Wednesday morning when long time friends turned political adversaries realized that, on this day, they would have to pick up the pieces of one of the most divisive elections in history.
I’ve seen the best of buddies actively avoid one another during this political season, all because of a name on a sign in a yard.
Business relationships that were strained on November 2 will have to be repaired in the coming weeks as well.
All this animosity generated this political year and for what?
I expect any answers to be along the lines that have been oft parroted over the past few months.

One of the strangest episodes about this election took place on Sunday evening, when someone whom I used to have a good deal of respect for sent me an e-mail about one of the candidates.
In response, I asked “what do I do with this?”  His reply was to “report the truth” and to “make up for the fluff piece about the debate” that I wrote in last week’s edition.
I only write this as I had several people praise me for my objectivity with that piece as well as others calling me a “shill for the Democrats,” so his words weren’t that bad.
His criticisms were also taken with a grain of salt given that he had read many, many similar stories of mine that were written in the same style and not said a word.
It did give plenty of other people, some of whom are mutual friends, a good laugh when I told them about it, and we need a good laugh in these upcoming times.

For those happy that the Republicans took over the House of Representatives last night, here is a sobering thought.
There will be gridlock the likes of which we have never seen.  And, it will likely be the fault of those just recently elected to office more than anything other excuse their supporters can dream up.
There is a stubborn defiance amongst members of the Tea Party crowd.
Some demand that the Healthcare reforms of last year be repealed.
Others demand that work on “decreasing the size of government” begin immediately.
Some want to repeal the 14th Amendment of the Constitution, which guarantees equal protection under the law.
Some wanted to get rid of the 17th Amendment, which mandates a direct popular vote for United States Senators.  (They not only wanted to be elected senators, they wanted to prevent voters from voting them out!)
It’s ironic that there are some people in the Republican party who might not go with these  ideas, much less a Democratic-led Senate or the President himself.
Of course, when these anti-establishment people try to run for re-election in 2010, how many of their own people will call these “new establisment” candidates out as hypocrites?

There is some major aftermath to deal with next January when the 111th Congress is called to order.
I would expect Nancy Pelosi to be run out of the position as Minority leader, if only for the appearance of a change in leadership.
Look for some in-fighting right off the bat on who will be the Speaker of the House from the GOP and the Tea Party.
Our congressman, Bob Filner, will head back to a Congress without the clout that he once had as head of the Veterans Affairs Committee.
We are hopeful that Mr. Filner can do some good for the Imperial Valley in this divided Congress.
For Nick Popaditch, if some sort of  radio talk show in San Diego or national news political pundit deal isn’t in the works, I would be shocked.
Popaditch is exactly what any television news organization would be looking for in a military expert:  Recent war veteran, strong spoken and ready to deliver that rote memorized line.

Locally, It appears that our self-appointed savior, Wally Leimgruber, is out as the Supervisor in District 5, should the current results remain as they are.
Leimgruber, known for his support of Proposition 8, Arizona bill 1070 and his stern opposition to a casino in Calexico, will be replaced by Ray Castillo.
Our good friend Louis Fuentes is also out in the District 1 seat, replaced by John Renison.
With some newer blood on the Board, is this the time for things to get done in the Valley?
We’re hopeful that, in some respect, that the county’s embarassing involvement in the whole Proposition 8 trial will end as well.

Cattle Call comes this week to Brawley, as many would-be cowboys from around the world descend on the north Imperial Country town for a week of fun and festivities.
We at the Weekly-Chronicle will be on hand to cover the majority of events taking place througout the nine-day festival.
Also, look forward to our Cattle Call souvenir edition that will be available on November 18. It will be chock full of winners and photos of all the events from the previous week.
It is definitely a keeper.

Until next time…

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