In Other Words 12-03-10

Thanks To Wally Leimgruber; Christmas Events Are Filling The Calendar; Holtville Revival?

WE OFFER OUR THANKS TO WALLY LEIMGRUBER for his dedicated service to Imperial County for the last 12 years.
He provided a straight-forward approach to local government and helped as many people as he could with their county dealings.
He came up short in the last election and now will have to return to private life.
We’re glad he was in office and provided a voice for this part of the Valley on a regular basis.
If his predecessor does half as well, he will be ahead of the game.
Wally always spoke his mind on the issues and let you know where he stood.
He was  always standing up for the principals he believed in and carried that over to issues he believed in at the county level.
We enjoyed working with him over the years. He was always cordial and always available. We wish him well in whatever he decides to do from this point on.
CHRISTMAS ACTIVITIES BEGIN THE  first week in December and run through the holiday itself.
Calexico will be lighting its Christmas tree today in the rotunda at City Hall located on Heber Avenue and Fifth  Street.
Then it will be having its annual Christmas Parade with a little twist this year. The Dec. 11th  parade route has been changed.  It will proceed down Imperial Avenue from Heber Park, turn onto Fifth Street to Rockwood and then down Rockwood to Second Street  Second to Heber Avenue and on to Rockwood Plaza at City Hall.
It’s a longer parade route and designed to help Imperial Avenue merchants, as well as downtown businesses. Grab a chair and take in the big event. It is always spectacular and worth the trip to the Border City. The reviewing stand will be located on Second Street in front of the old Western Auto Store.  If you’re a parade fan, like me, it’s well worth it.
Look for more events coming your way  weekly.
THE COUNTY SHERIFF’S OFFICE is taking on more significance in the Valley. That’s due partially to the growth we have had here and its return someday.
It’s also because of the Sheriff’s duties in Holtville.
Because of this, may we suggest the Sheriff’s Department add a community relations officer who can help us lowly media types do our jobs better?
The county is big enough and the department is big enough that it has plenty of activities going on that could use some public relations and information dispensing.
These days it’s hard to get in touch with the right party and takes away from their duties involving law enforcement. A few pennies of tax money could help ease the situation and keep the public accurately informed about what is going on in a publicly funded institution.
CALEXICO COULD USE A SHOT IN THE ARM when it comes to dealing with the public. Its furlough program only leaves people annoyed with government. That’s because they have a hard time getting their questions answered.
People are also reluctant to provide any more than superficial help because they have to keep their own jobs secure. We called around looking for some simple information about Christmas. They should have known more and been more cooperative. But when you are working on a tight budget and timeline to get your work done, it puts employees in a reluctant mood. So, what are all those high priced department heads doing over there? We’d like to  know and so would a lot of other people.
HOLTVILLE IS HAVING A RESURGENCE IN BUSINESSES after years of facing an empty main street.
Several people who live there and want their city to prosper have set up shop along the main drag, a trend which I hope continues.
Us folks over here now have a health club to go to along with a new agricultural office and a boutique complete with a barber shop and the latest in clothing styles.
Perhaps Holtville can become the renaissance capital of Imperial Valley. Just think of little shops with strolling tourists passing by and stopping in for a few trinkets. It could happen right here!
DID YOU BRAVE THE CROWDS ON BLACK FRIDAY?. I stayed home tucked neatly in bed. You can still find plenty of bargains before the Holidays.
Just check with the merchants found in this issue and around the Valley.

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