In Other Words 10-29-10

Our Fearless Election Forecast

HERE IT IS TIME AGAIN for our fearless forecast for fervent fans of politics.
Say that three times fast, turn in three complete circles and gaze at the s tars. Then winners will come to you all at once, as if by magic.
Without further ado, here goes.
StarTing way up there at the top of the heap is the governor’s race.
You have Meg Whitman, the hard-nosed businesswoman who headed up one of the world’s largest dot com companies. She brings hard-nosed, practical business experience and lots of cash with her. Does she have any answers? Who knows? But she does have cash and has supposedly spent $140 million to get the job. Believe me, it ain’t that good of a job. If somebody spends that kind of money, though, they are going to want something in return. We haven’t figured out what yet. We would expect plenty more cuts in the state budget and the loss of services to the people and the children of California.
Jerry Brown is back for a second try at the top spot in the state. He was known as “Governor Moonbeam” the first time around. He’s been playing cops and robbers as the state’s Attorney General for the last four years, rounding up drug smugglers by the ton, with plenty of publicity for himself.
His arrest record was pretty good, but he hasn’t lost any of his zeal for sticking his nose where it doesn’t belong. He advocated looking into people’s prescription records to see if they were buying too many of certain types of medications. Big Brother Is Watching You.
Between the two, I think I would take Meg Whitman, since she should be able to apply some common sense to the state’s problems and hopefully won’t leave the state’s education budget in a shambles the way Arnold did.
Let the chips fall where they may.
THEN A LITTLE CLOSER TO HOME, there is the Congressional race between Bob Filner and Nick Popaditch. Popaditch has spent a lot of time telling folks about his war record and going around with an eye patch to prove it. He’s even gotten his supporters to shout down members of the media who say a disparaging word about their favorite candidate. I guess he has to get publicity somehow.
His funds are obviously limited and such thug tactics are bullying techniques that we’re all supposed to be fighting against.
So far we haven’t heard  much about what Popaditch  is  planning for Imperial County. “Cut taxes”is his only answer.
Congressman Bob Filner is going for his ninth term on Capitol Hill and has had a visible presence in Imperial County. The Highway Improvement Bill brought $30 million in highway funds to the county and helped get the Brawley by-pass built. He helped establish  SENTRI lanes at the Ports of Entry and he has  been instrumental working to get more Veterans’ benefits available on this side of the mountains.
With 20 years of  seniority and a track record of trying to benefit the common workers in Imperial Valley, we think he should be voted in for another term.
MANUEL PEREZ HAS BEEN IN THE ASSEMBLY for one term and is looking for another, as any self-respecting Assemblyman would. We’re not sure how much he accomplished during his first term. We know that the budget got slashed and the education arm of the government came up short
In its quest to cut the budget the legislature also cut out a lot of programs that were highly beneficial to low income families in Imperial County. That included summer school.
His opponent is Steve Sanchez who is running on what appears to be the “same old tune” platform that all politicians run on and the voters are tired of hearing.
He wants more jobs, a balanced budget and more money for education. Where have we heard that before?
Perez and Sanchez have also thrown a little mud at each other through TV commercials, but none of that campaign money has found its way to small towns through newspapers.
This is a coin flip. Perez will give you lip service and the other guy will give you promises filled with hot air. Maybe there’s a third party candidate we can vote for.
BACK IN IMPERIAL COUNTY, we have two County Supervisor positions available.
The District One seat pits two old rivals form Calexico against each other once more.
John Renison and Louis Fuentes both served on the City Council and have waltzed around the county hierarchy for a decade or more. Fuentes got himself appointed for one year to the Supervisor’s chair being vacated by Victor Carrillo, who became the Calexico City Manager. Fuentes became the President of the County Board, since, we are told, Carrillo was scheduled to take that job.
He was highly conservative and advocated cutting city jobs and services, even when it wasn’t warranted, when on the Calexico City Council.
Renison brings with him lots of experience in the county and Calexico. He was a three term councilman who advocated growth in both housing and new business. He would be able to provide more jobs through the supervisor’s role and help business get moving ahead once again.
Vote Renison in and get Calexico moving forward.
In District Five Wally Leimgruber is going for a fourth term on the board against Ray Castillo, who was narrowly defeated four years ago.
We have to wonder just how much time Wally is spending on Valley affairs and how much he is devoting to protecting the virtue of Imperial County. He has become a right wing, Christian Coalition platform spokesman.
He is anti-gay marriage and anti-gambling. He is against legal marijuana. Those are issues that will get him votes with older, rural residents. They will also get him a lot of votes from a lot of other folks as well.
Castillo is a grandfather who served on the El Centro City Council and as that city’s mayor. Whether he will preserve the status quo remains to be seen.
We’d go with Wally because we are from Holtville.
MATT DESSERT is running against Rudy Maldonado for the IID Division One seat, that also takes in Calexico. Maldonado had the position once before but dropped out for health reason.
Now he’s back seeking his old position.
Dessert is a county employee seeking election to the board for the first time. He is an advocate of getting a handle on IID power rates He’s also an advocate of better management of the IID to “stop administrative abuses of both employees and ratepayers.”
We like to see someone on the IID Board who has the consumer in mind.
Some new blood on this board will go a long way.
CHUCK STOREY is running for the Clerk/Recorder job in the county. He has said he will modernize the office and improve vote counting methods.
We supported him in the primary and will continue to do so into the general election. We think he will bring some solid business sense to this office that has needed a lot of revising.
And it will still remain an elected position.
THEN THERE IS HOLTVILLE – Richard Layton, Mike Goodsell and Ginger Ward are trying for two positions on the Council giving voters a chice for a change.
There is so little controversy and the candidates so politically correct, that it’s hard to choose a favorite. All are responsible people who would help manage the city competently.
This like a high school election. Come to think of it, Holtville is always like a big high school in its attitudes.  We would support Mike and Ginger because they aren’t afaird to wuestion authority and won’t rubber stamp decision.
Get out and vote this Tuesday. it’s your right and you can be a part of  government by doing so. Some people fight and die for that right.
May the best man, or woman, win.

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