Viva El Valle 2017


Viva El Valle 2017 brought the community together just in time for the holidays. This year, the event included a car show presented by Del Valle, showing a small taste of the past.

The event took place on Dec. 23 on downtown Main Street in El Centro. Local vendors opened their booths to the public about 3 p.m. and the car show and cruise began at 6 p.m. All car clubs, solo riders, low riders, classics, hot rods, Euros, and motorcycles were displayed for the community to see and take pictures.

There were a few local vendors selling vintage clothing for affordable prices. Vintage clothing is becoming popular since 1970s items are back in style.  

Live music by the band Thee Commons made the atmosphere more retrospective, along with the streetlights and the old buildings around Main Street.

There were also different art vendors, such as Tony Romo, Matthew Zavala, Michael Franco, also known as “Nastyart760”, and Cassandra Valenzuela, also known as “Cass Art.”

 “I pretty much sell my art work. I love expressing myself through art and I like to make affordable pieces, so everybody can enjoy them,” Valenzuela said. “It is a perfect day to bring everyone together, everyone from outside the valley is here visiting people, family, and friends and enjoy our local products.”