Country Music Artist Entertains at NAF El Centro


Country Music Artist Tim Hurley

Sailors and their families at Naval Air Facility El Centro (NAFEC) enjoyed some live entertainment provided by Country Music Artist Tim Hurley. Opening the show was Melissa Farrior.

Upon meeting Hurley at the Holtville Carrot Festival, Imperial County Veterans Day Parade Coordinator, Kim Vincent invited him to entertain the community following the Veterans Day Parade held by  the Holtville Chamber of Commerce.

Vincent, being an active member of the veteran community, came up with a plan and asked Hurley if he was available to perform for the sailors at NAFEC the same weekend of the parade, though only if the military base would support the event. Vincent then contacted NAFEC Command Master Chief Jeremy Embree, and the planning proceeded from that point on between Hurley and NAFEC.

NAFEC active-duty service members, veterans, their family members, and Department of Defense employees with base access, enjoyed the show. First Class Petty Officer, Susana Saenz, said, “It was awesome. It was a great opportunity for someone outside of the military to get familiar with the base, with the way the community is here.”

She added, “I think it’s important for local artists to know that we’re here to support them too, just like they support us. For someone to come here to the base, they’re coming to our house, so they get to see the unity as a community.” Hurley and the band had a tour of the base and the opportunity to mingle with local sailors.

Originally from Rhode Island, Hurley currently calls Playa del Rey, Calif., home. In 2014, he was singing a karaoke song when his singing voice was noticed, landing him a spot entertaining the troops at Fort Bliss two months later.

Entertaining professionally since then, more recently performing for the troops during San Diego Fleet Week, Hurley said, “We love playing for the troops, their families, and the communities they live in. When you submerse yourself in the military community and witness firsthand the commitment, dedication, and sacrifice our servicemen and women and their families give to our country, it makes you appreciate them so much more. We try to perform for the troops any chance we get and are honored and humbled to do so.”

When asked what he wants his music to convey to his listeners, Hurley said, “I think it is really important to sing about things you can relate to in life. I am fortunate to live in a beach town, so a lot of our fun songs are inspired by the beach life.”

Of other music he plays, he said, “Our more serious songs are about relationships and hanging on to the little amount of time we have on this earth. I just want to connect with the audience, make everyone feel something with every single song, whether it be happy or sad.”

“I hope people listen to the lyrics and feel the energy that I am putting out there, and I hope they like it.” Hurley’s dream is to open for Kenny Chesney at Gillette Stadium in Foxborough, Mass. but hopes to be headlining his own tour in five years. Band members include guitarist Steve Neino, drummer Riley Flanagan, while Greg Rosales, being the newest addition to the band, plays bass.