Calexico Boxing Champion to Compete in Tennessee


For Calexico High School student Aidyl Cardenas, hard work and determination can lead you to be the best of what you can become.

Cardenas, 17, is a senior at Calexico High School and currently ranked number one in the nation by the USA Boxing Association where she has won multiple championships, Golden Gloves, Junior Olympics, and national tournaments. Recently she was chosen to participate in the USA Olympic Training camp at Colorado Springs Olympic Center to become the part of the National USA Team.

“I have been training really hard and have the dedication to be the best I can and represent my town and my valley in upcoming tournaments to be part of the national team,” Cardenas said. In order to achieve this, Cardenas has to maintain the number one spot in the rankings to represent the U.S. at the international level.

Armando Cardenas, Aidyl’s father, said that her daughter has been boxing for six years and started when she was twelve years old. Her father said that boxing started as a hobby training at Sparta Boxing in El Centro and kept training until she became one of the best in the nation. Currently, she trains at the Calexico Boxing Academy.

“Her dedication is shown every day as she trains after school to preparing herself for the Tokyo Olympics,” he said.

Cardenas will be competing at the Easter Elite and Regional Open Championship at Chattanooga, Tennessee from October 16 to the 21st. Her main goal is to train really hard to follow her dreams and one day participate in the Tokyo 2020 and Paris 2024 Olympic Games.

In order for her to participate in the upcoming tournament, Cardenas is asking the community for monetary support to cover for food luggage and travel expenses for her and two trainers.

“I’m asking the community to help me achieve my dream and also represent our valley and bring back home the gold medal,” she said.

For more information on how to donate for Aidyl Cardenas travel expenses, you can contact her father Armando Cardenas at 760-618-9084.