IVC Offers Students More Than Classes

Campus Organizations and local businesses set up information booths for students at last week’s back to school barbecue at Imperial Valley College.

Campus Organizations and local businesses set up information booths for students at last week’s back to school barbecue at Imperial Valley College.

Two weeks ago, thousands of students stepped onto Imperial Valley College’s campus and into their future to explore a variety of subjects and majors as they prepare for their career paths.

When most think of the first few weeks of college, they think about the anticipation of meeting new people, the confusion of a new environment, the anxiety of the amount of work to do and time required, and perhaps the enthusiasm of preparing for their field of study and bright future. For faculty, each year is also a new beginning; new faces, new energy, and new discussions, especially with first-time students.

But for some, the transition can be difficult. Because no matter how hard they try to prepare for the realities of college, some will be overwhelmed and fail to complete their studies. College pace moves faster than high school and at a costlier rate.

However, one remedy to mitigate the failure rate for students is to get involved on campus. Research shows that those students who get involved in clubs, study groups, or student government do much better than those who do not. College is not just about classes; it’s about meeting new people, some with ideas different from your own that can lead to enriched interactions, and support with developing networking opportunities and lifetime friendships.

The Chemistry Club was represented and tried to instill an interest in science in some of the new members of the student body.

IVC’s back to school barbecue event is an example of the myriad of opportunities for students to get involved whether they are a first-time, returning, or re-entry student of all ages. This event had student government, student services, school clubs, and organizations well-known in the Imperial Valley. For instance, the American Cancer Society’s Relay-For-Life volunteer committee members were present to provide awareness on their services and information on their annual outreach and fundraising event, which culminates in the spring of their annual year.

One of the other significant reasons for their involvement with this event, according to volunteer Linda Shaner is that, “the college will be the site sponsor for our 2018 relay…we’re excited with this needed community support.” She also stated that there will be an interest meeting held for students on Thursday, August 31 on campus from 5:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. in room 411.

Imperial Valley College held its annual back to school barbecue last week, and campus organizations and local businesses were invited to set up booths.

Some school clubs and groups that participated were the Business Club, American Sign Language Club, Spay Neuter Incredible Pets (SNIP) Club, College Association of Abuse Prevention (CAAP) Club, LGBTQ Club, Early Childhood Education Club (ECEC), and Spirit Club. Our college-student reporters and contributors will follow these clubs and other higher education affairs and activities on the IVC campus during the school year in future editions.