Calexico Native Publishes Book Full of Positive Thoughts

Joe Rodriguez discusses his second book, Thoughts of Wisdom.

Joe Rodriguez discusses his second book, Thoughts of Wisdom.

In an effort to reach thousands of people and help people improve their lives, Calexico native Joe Rodriguez introduced his second book “Thoughts of Wisdom” earlier this month.

Rodriguez was born and raised in Calexico and worked at his father’s store in downtown Calexico. He credits his parents as good role models that planted the seeds of positive mentality in him that evolved as he became older.

“My parents taught my brothers and me how to treat people and how hard work always pays off,” Rodriguez said.

Aside from working to become a published author, Rodriguez has made a successful career as a public speaker. He joined Toastmasters years ago and won the District 12 competition two years ago and qualified to compete at the World Championship of Public Speaking held in Washington, D.C. during the Toastmasters International Convention. Rodriguez said that part of having a positive, winning mentality is to focus on your goal and visualize yourself as a champion.

Part of his routine to stay positive every day is to wake up a 4 a.m. to meditate, exercise, watch motivational videos, or work on a new project. Rodriguez has a theory that the mind wakes up hours after the body, so when someone goes to work an hour after they wake up, they go to work grumpy and half sleep.

“By the time I go to work, I’ve been up four hours and all the tension is gone by then. Bottom line is that if you want to be more positive in your life, you must work hard at it,” he said.

The purpose of “Thoughts of Wisdom” is to make a positive impact in people’s lives, Rodriguez stated. The book includes fifteen short summaries from his friends and colleagues that have different perspectives, and they share stories about their life experiences. Rodriguez said his goal is to inform the reader that whatever obstacles life is throwing at a person, things will work out for the best. The chapters in this book include topics on marriage, negativity, fear, forgiveness, focus, food, sleep, and faith.

Rodriguez said that his adversity and struggles he has experienced in his life have transformed him to help others and that his main message in the book is that giving up is not an option. He advises persons to stay humble and ignore all the negative naysayers that will distract anyone from reaching their full potential.

“The adversity and life struggles I endured in my life are written in this book to help others currently experiencing the same,” Rodriguez added.

The book “Thoughts of Wisdom” can now be purchased in paperback on for only $11.99.