Brawley Wildcats Beat Southwest In Volleyball


On September 21, the Brawley Wildcats hosted the Southwest High volleyball team. The game began at 7 p.m. and was an Imperial Valley League (IVL) contest.

The first set of the game began with both teams taking turns holding the lead. Approaching the halfway point of the set, the game continued to be close with neither team holding on to the lead for long. The Wildcats took the lead and got the momentum going. The score late in the set was 20-16. The Wildcats took control of the first set and won the first set 25-17.

Early in the second set, the Wildcats took a short lead and took control of the second set. The Wildcats had a 13 point lead in the second set. The Eagles gained the ball late in the set, but lost it after the first serve. The Wildcats had a 15 point lead. The Wildcats won the set with a score of 25-7.

The Wildcats took an early lead in the third set and dominated the game. A missed serve by the Wildcats allowed the Eagles to control the ball and the Wildcats increased their lead. The Wildcats were two points away from winning the game with a 15-point lead. The Eagles began to put points on the scoreboard. The Wildcats won the set 25-13.

Brawley Varsity Coach, Phil Finnell said, “The girls have a lot of fun playing together and it shows on the court. As long as that team chemistry is there, we’ve got the athletes. We just have to continue to fix the small stuff here and there, but I was pleased.”

Southwest Varsity Coach, Lisa Hinshaw said, “We had a mental breakdown and it’s a very good team that took advantage of that. We’re going to continue to work on that throughout the whole season.”