American Cancer Society Holds Interest Meeting At IVC


On August 31, The American Cancer Society held an interest meeting at Imperial Valley College in room 411. The purpose of the meeting was to inform potential members about what ACS is, their accomplishments, and the Relay For Life event.

The meeting started off by new potential members and current members talking about why they were there today and what they have witnessed cancer do to themselves or to loved ones.

Afterwards, those people in attendance heard a presentation by the community outreach manager, Monica Veliz De Leon.

Relay For Life is the world’s largest fundraising event to save lives from cancer. The event unites thousands of people across the world to celebrate the victory of survivors, remember loved ones who lost the battle against cancer.

During the meeting, the speakers discussed the previous Relay For Life and the outcome of that event. The event took place at Imperial Valley College last year and will also be there this year as well. The previous Relay for Life event welcomed 36 teams, 82 survivors, and 27 sponsors. The event raised over $46,000 dollars in the battle against cancer.

The series of events that takes place at the Relay For Life event was explained to the potential members.

The American Cancer Society member explained that the Relay For Life event is the reason why they are able to invest in early detection and prevention, cancer research, and comprehensive support. They went more in depth about the methods of early detection prevention, research, and support. During the presentation, it was mentioned that ACS is investing more than $405 million in over 25 types of cancer research. Forty seven researchers that were funded by ACS have gone on to win the Nobel Prize.

ACS also helps people take steps to reduce risk of cancer or to discover it early to facilitate treatment.

The support ACS provides is online help, access to care, help with appearance-related side effects, lodging, one-on-one support.

This year’s Relay For Life event will be on April 14 to April 15 in a 24-hour event that will begin at 10 a.m. at Imperial Valley College, 380 East Aten Road, Imperial, California.

New members are excited to get started helping the American Cancer Society to move on to something bigger in their lives.

Twenty-five year old Cassandra Sanchez said, “It would be a great stepping stone for my career in the medical field.”

Other attendees had not heard of American Cancer Society until the involvement of Imperial Valley College being the location for the Relay For Life event.

Ana Guardado said, “It wasn’t until I was with the IVC student ambassadors that I started to know more about the community.”