Calexico High Ready For First Day Of Classes


Principal Gabrielle Williams, from Calexico High School, is super excited to start another great year full of opportunities for the students. She is looking forward to all the future instructional programs and courses, and facilities the school has to offer.

Registration for Calexico High School is set up one day per grade level. Therefore, registration started on Thursday, August 10, 2017 for seniors. Juniors registered on Friday August 11, sophomores registered Monday August 14, and the Freshman’s registration was on Tuesday August 15.

This year, the Calexico Unified School District created an online registration for the community of Calexico in order for parents to have easier access straight from home or any accessible computer device. As of Monday, August 14, about 35 parents accessed online registration and hope to increase every year. Principal Williams states, “This year’s registration system is better because of online registration since it helps parents have the option of not coming to the campus at all. They can just do everything online. The support staff checks who registered online and validate the documents and requirements in order to see if everything was submitted by the parent.”

Since it is a new feature, parents are still welcomed to come to the gym if they are not 100 percent sure about completing all the online steps. They can come and verify what other papers they need or are missing for registration. “That expedites the process for a lot of parents,” says Williams. On the contrary, students still have to pick up their schedule physically. They have access to the school counselors however, this year the process of changing a class is a lot tougher than previous years. Students have to see the counselor personally during office hours and have to fill out paperwork stating the reasons of why the student wants to change their schedule. This process helps students think twice about changing their schedules. Principal Williams hopes that “next year more and more parents are able to do the registration process online. Next year the goal is that after the students register and meet all their requirement, they can access their schedule right away through the online process as well.”

Williams has been the principal for Calexico High School for the last three years and she has mad many positive changes in order for the students to have a better learning environment. During the last two years, Calexico High School has opened new courses such as the Navy pathway, which is accessible for students who express interest in law enforcement. Other courses like Art III, computer design, science,introduction to agriculture, APcomputer science, and robotic after school club have been implemented for students to have other opportunities. There is also a successful swimming club with over 50 students, who are trained by innovating coaches.

The students are also more involved in making Calexico High School a cool place to hang out. Students have contributed in creating a “Senior Cafe” which is a hangout spot with benches and umbrellas so students can enjoy their lunch. Students have also even involved in making the school look greener by adding an eco garden, panting trees, and focusing on recycling.

Calexico High school hopes to improve every year in order for students to feel motivated and safe. They want the students to obtain many opportunities so they can be prepared for the future and also for college. Classes start on Tuesday, August 22, 2017 at 8:00 a.m.