IVC Honors Retired Professors With Room Naming Ceremony

IVC President Victor Jaime unveils a plaque revealing the Magnificent Five of past Professors.

IVC Honors Retired Professors With Room Naming Ceremony


IVC President Victor Jaime unveils a plaque revealing the Magnificent Five of past Professors.

Imperial Valley College held a Dedication Day last Thursday as they celebrated the Magnificent Five who combined represented 175 year of teaching experience at IVC.

The Five are now enjoying their retirement but during their tenure they taught thousands of students combined, which in turn made a huge difference to the Imperial County.

The five professors are: Richard Hann, Philosophy Professor, was chair of two divisions: Humanities and Social Services. He taught philosophy, logic, ethics, and world religions. He was a member of Academic Senate, the Curriculum and Instruction Committee, numerous hiring committees, and was CTA President. He retired in December 31, 2003.

Armand Orensztein, Professor of Mathematics, taught math and engineering, and served as the Mathematics and Engineering Division Chair in 1973-1974. He ran the Math Festival for years. He had a career prior to 1967 as an engineer for the Apollo Moon Mission Project. He retired on June 13, 2009.

A new plaque has been installed next to the door of Room 315 at IVC renaming it the Alicia Ortega Hall in honor of her many years of teaching in that room.

Alicia Ortega, Professor of Spanish/French, Mexican-American Studies, and Division Chair, devoted her tenure helping students acquire foreign language proficiency and cultural illumination by organizing events. She was the first professor to receive the 2000 Rafael Santos Outstanding Teaching Award. She retired on February 12, 2009.

Jim (J.R.) Pendley, Professor of Biology, and Chair of Science, Mathematics, and Engineering served the college and the students. He served as Academic Senate President. He retired on December 31, 2003. He returned in 2012 as an adjunct instructor in Science. “Teachers are here for the students and not the reverse.”

Breaking from the dedications, there was a wonderful lunch served to all in the IVC gymnasium.

Sandra Standiford, Dean of Admissions and Student Activities, served 18 years as a counselor at IVC, and was president of California Community College Counselors Association and IVC President of the Academic Senate. She was always dedicated to the students of Imperial Valley. She retired on August 31, 2003.

The Magnificent Five were honored with a plaque that was hung in the administration building at IVC.

After the presentation for the Magnificent Five there was another ceremony at their former class rooms with naming those rooms with brass plaques mounted next their entrance.