Calexico Has Largest Graduating Class In Valley

Calexico High School Seniors walk to the stage to receive their diplomas last Thursday night, marking the end of their high school years.

Calexico Has Largest Graduating Class In Valley


Calexico High School Seniors walk to the stage to receive their diplomas last Thursday night, marking the end of their high school years.

The Calexico High School Class of 2017 graduated this past week and they are now looking forward to the challenges ahead.

The Calexico High School Commencement Ceremony took place Wednesday, June 14, at the Ward Field were approximately 660 students walked proudly to remember their high school years and received their diploma’s. The hot weather temperatures cooled down Wednesday evening so that the graduates and their parents could enjoy a great evening. It was an evening of remembering the past few years and the accomplishments they had as a class.

Salutatorian Vanessa Villegas told the class that this was a step to new opportunities and the first of many milestones ahead of them. “Today we start a new life, a life that will not be determined on how many APs you take or what clubs you join. These years we faced obstacles that almost crushed us and successes that made us feel on top of the world and it all comes down to tonight where we can choose to forget all of it or appreciate every moment of it,” Villegas told the Class of 17.

Valedictorian Angel Gonzalez also congratulated the class and thanked everyone that helped him during his high school career. “No matter what there is always a hand out there and never be discourage to ask for help because we all need a little push to the right direction sometimes,” Gonzalez stated. “The kindness and dedication of this class was seen in community service that included supporting Relay for Life and supporting the Food Bank. From this small community, I have found the true meaning of greatness in many individuals sitting before me.”

A special part of the graduation was the presentation to U.S. Navy Veteran Andres Huerta, who received his high school diploma at age 92. Huerta enlisted in the military and was not able to walk to graduation. Calexico High School gave him his diploma last Thursday. Fourteen seniors who have joined the military stood at attention along his walkway to the stage.