Shake And Wake Offers Cool, Healthy Treats

Shake And Wake Offers Cool, Healthy Treats


Shake and Wake Smoothie Co. has been dedicated to creating the best tasting healthy smoothies in the Imperial Valley since it first started at the Calexico Farmer’s Market on January 4th, 2014, with a tent, one blender, and five different smoothie options and has since expanded to a food truck and most recently a store front.

This past Sunday June 18th, Shake and Wake has opened its first store front located at 1490 N. Imperial Ave in El Centro. Store hours are Monday through Sunday from 6 a.m. to 11 p.m.

The mission of Shake and Wake has been to provide awareness of the taste and health benefits of all natural smoothies. The owner/founder of Shake and Wake, Jesus Ruvalcaba Jr., had this to say, “I got into the food truck business because of the opportunity that was set forth to be able to expand the brand by bringing the concept to the customers on the go. I have no experience before this whatsoever with the food truck business nor the food industry (if you count being a server at the Olive Garden some experience, well that’s pretty much it).”

The Shake and Wake Culinary team are Melanie Lopez, Valeria Garcia, Sabrina Alvarado, Joseph Moreno, Nataly Acosta, Adriana Lopez, Susie Chapin, Nery Aguirre and Alexa Marie. On Facebook, Shake and Wake posted, “We’re glad to be able to serve the Imperial Valley via drive-thru because the heat is insane! Our mobile unit will remain open mostly in the Calexico area. Much love to you all from the Shake and Wake family and we hope to see you soon!”

Shake and Wake has close to a hundred five star reviews and over 8,000 followers on Facebook and Instagram; many of whom eagerly check to see where the Shake and Wake mobile unit food truck will be so they can get their Shake and Wake fix.

If you are already a fan or want a tasty smoothie, start following Shake and Wake on social media or go to their new permanent location for a cool treat.