Calexico PD Arrests Three Over CHS Shooting Plot

Calexico PD Arrests Three Over CHS Shooting Plot


The Calexico Police Department arrested three individuals accused of planning a shooting at Calexico High School.

On Thursday May 4, the Calexico Unified School District sent a message to the community regarding a rumor that there would be a shooting at Calexico High School. Superintendent Maria Ambriz stated that the CUSD in conjunction with the Calexico Police Department, were aware of the threats and had taken precautionary measures to ensure the safety of the students.

Later that day, Calexico Police Chief Reggie Gomez informed that the police department received calls regarding unusual circumstances/possible threat.

“The Calexico Police Department determined that the threat was credible enough and opened an investigation,” Chief Gomez said. “A person of interest was identified and taken into protective custody and taken to the Imperial County Behavioral Health for mental evaluation.”

There were two subsequent arrests made in connection to the investigation. A 15-year old was questioned by police and accepted making plans to do a shooting with the other student. The officer found maps and text messages related to that planned shooting.

On Friday, May 5, Calexico Police contacted the parents of the main suspects. The parents of the 15-year old male student admitted to police they owned several firearms in the residence.

This past Tuesday, May 9, the Calexico Unified School District administration about the arrests and that they are working diligently with the appropriate agencies to insure that all students and staff all sites are safe.

The press release by the CUSD stated that safety plans and procedures are in place at all sites to ensure that any disruption is handled quickly and safely.

Other steps include:
1) A crisis team has been identified to help students and staff.
2) Communication is ongoing with the Calexico Police Department regarding this issue.
3) Extra security has been added to the Calexico High School.
4) All permissible information will be communicated with the community and staff via district website and or messaging system.