Easter Comes On Time With Brawley Egg Hunt

Easter Comes On Time With Brawley Egg Hunt


The Easter Bunny poses with a pair of Brawley children at the Annual Easter Egg Hunt at Pat Williams Park. The annual affair draws hundreds of kids and guardians to the north west portion of the city for free eggs and candy.

With weather described as “amazing,” the Brawley Parks and Recreation Department hosted their annual Egg Hunt to celebrate Easter at Pat Williams Park on the morning of Saturday, April 15, 2017, drawing several hundred kids of all ages, along with their parents, grandparents, and guardians.

While Brawley Parks and Recreation staff spent several days planning the event and over an hour hiding eggs and candies at the park Saturday morning, all of the treats were scooped up within 10 minutes of the event’s start.

“It’s such an amazing day for this,” said May Jones, a Brawley resident who brought her two children, June and Juliet, to the egg hunt. “It’s so cool to have a city willing to put something like this together.”

The kids, separated by ages into three groups, began grabbing eggs and candies at the signal of a Brawley Fire Department truck. According to event organizer Linda Self, the sixty five bags of candies and four hundred hard boiled and decorated eggs were dispersed in the three fields.

Along with the regular prizes were ten special eggs that contained special cutouts of the Brawley Seal. Those seals could be used to claim one of ten special candy filled baskets.

More than two hundred children, along with their parents and guardians, were separated into three age groups at the park’s stations.

City staff and volunteers spent most of the morning distributing the candies and cordoning off the areas with stakes and caution tape. Parents were asked to let the children grab their own candies, a request that was abided by most and ignored by a few.

An appearance by the Easter Bunny and Brawley mayor Sam Couchman, along with free glasses of soda, completed the annual event.

While most arrived early to take advantage of the morning’s activity, a significant portion arrived in time to see most of the treats already picked up and collected.
“I know most things around here start late,” said a Brawley city staffer, “This is the one thing that starts on time, no matter what.”

It is not known when the first Easter Egg Hunt took place in Brawley, but the best estimates have the event starting sometime in the early 1980s.