Calexico Rotary Club Celebrates 95th Year

Stella Jimenez, field representative of Assemblyman Eduardo Garcia, hands a proclamation to Jorge Alcantar, the president of the Calexico Rotary Club in honor of their 95th year.

Calexico Rotary Club Celebrates 95th Year


The Calexico Rotary Club celebrated its 95th Anniversary this past Monday as fellow Rotarians from other Imperial and Mexicali Clubs joined the celebration.

On April 1, 1922 the Calexico Rotary Club was officially established and joined the worldwide network of Rotary International, the world’s largest service non-profit organization. Since that time Calexico Rotary has served the City by supporting local organizations that need help and doing community service projects. In 1933, the Calexico Rotary Club sponsored the first Rotary Club in Mexicali known back then as Club Rotario Mexicali that later on started new clubs in the area.

The Calexico Rotary Club has worked with Mexicali clubs to establish sustainable projects like rebuilding and outfit a motor home as a Mobil Medical Clinic and then donated it to the Autonomous University of Baja California and remains in use today.
For Dr. Eric Rice, a member of Calexico Rotary for the last 37 years mentioned that as an international organization their best projects have been at the international level by working with Mexicali.

“We have done everything from sponsoring little league teams to sending students abroad with scholarships and tried to help wherever we could,” Dr. Rice stated.
Gil Perez, a member since 1975, said that Rotary has help the community with many projects, keeping the city clean, and the relationship with Rotary in Mexicali.

“We have installed restrooms in schools in Mexicali, worked on the mobile clinic and bunch of other stuff that has been very beneficial,” Perez said.

Calexico Rotary President Jorge Alcantar said to be very excited about celebrating the anniversary of the club.

“I do see the club doing more things for the community and put those ideas into action since we have people with a lot of heart to serve the community,” President Alcantar stated.

Monday’s celebration had District 5340 Imperial Valley/San Diego District Governor Marylin Sanderson as the keynote speaker of the night. Sanderson said that Calexico Rotary has bragging rights for celebrating 95 years and also for being a vital club that has upcoming youth projects and strong relationships with clubs in Mexico.

“The Calexico Club with 95 years of existence is actually a model for other clubs in this district, we have 65 clubs but there might be one or two that has been as long in existence as long as Calexico.” Governor Sanderson stated. “It’s a wonderful achievement and to know that the service Rotary provides through its members goes on and on for 95 years is absolutely amazing.”

Sanderson said that she sees the Calexico Rotary doubling its membership since it has a mix of young and old members and it’s a club that makes attractive service projects that draws people in.

“Young people want to serve, they want to give back and make the world a better place and Rotary gives them the opportunity to do that and that’s all it takes to get them in.” Sanderson said.

Calexico Rotary received recognitions from the office of Assemblyman Eduardo Garcia, State Senator Ben Hueso, County Board of Supervisors and Calexico City Council that proclaimed the month of April as Calexico Rotary month.

Alcantar also received recognition from Rotary Club International’s District Governor Marylin Sanderson.


Stella Jimenez, field representative of Assemblyman Eduardo Garcia, hands a proclamation to Jorge Alcantar, the president of the Calexico Rotary Club in honor of their 95th year.