Work Begins On Brawley’s Worst Street

Work Begins On Brawley’s Worst Street

By Chris Furguson

     The Brawley City Council heard a special update from their interim Public Works Director about the just started rehabilitation of South Palm Avenue during their meeting on Tuesday, March 7, 2017. South Palm Avenue, called the “Worst Street In Brawley” by many residents in the area, had been a sore spot in the city for nearly a decade before work began last week.

Interim Brawley Public Works director Jack Holt said that after the corner ADA ramps are replaced, work on the street itself will begin. Sidewalks will not be part of the scope of the project.

The process will consist of grinding off the old asphalt, mixing the material with other materials and “rubberized” bonding agents before being laid back on the street. The complete rehabilitation is expected to take between one and two months, provided other problems are not uncovered.

Council members seemed glad that the project began. which had been a source of consternation for the board.

“I get calls about [South Palm Avenue] every day asking ‘when are you going to fix the road,’” said Mayor Sam Couchman, a sentiment echoed by the rest of the Brawley Council.

Maria Garcia-Aguilera, a board member at Pioneers Memorial Healthcare District, asked the council why the currently installed ramps ADA couldn’t be reused.
City Manager Rosanna Moore answered that the most of the ramps no longer met current ADA specifications, which have changed over the past several years.

“Federal standards change on a surprisingly regular basis,” added Moore.

Director Holt added that officials from the CalTrans office in San Diego have become strict about approval of ADA requirements recently and can force a city to reinstall faulty ramps in order to open a road.

South Palm Avenue is known as a “major collector” for Brawley traffic, one of several large streets that carries traffic from the city’s Main Street to other streets in the southern part of the city. In addition to truck traffic, the road is heavily used by an adjacent CalTrans vehicle maintenance yard and by Imperial Valley Transit several times a day.