New “Irish-Style” Pub Coming To Brawley Plaza

Workers finish a sign for “Paddys at the Rock,” an Irish-style tavern coming to Brawley.

New “Irish-Style” Pub Coming To Brawley Plaza

By Chris Furguson

Workers finish a sign for “Paddys at the Rock,” an Irish-style tavern coming to Brawley.

A new “Irish-Style” tavern and sports bar located at the Brawley Downtown Plaza area is almost ready for their opening nearly fifteen months after the closure of a popular coffee shop in the same location.

“Paddy’s On The Rock,” located at 132 South Plaza Street in Brawley, have just finished their outer facade and added their signage and with a “Coming Soon” banner. Paddy’s will be an Irish themed tavern with a full service bar and restaurant, along with an indoor stage and other similar amenities.

The soon to open tavern was also the site of a St. Patrick’s Day celebration on March 17 that featured Irish music, food and cheer. The party had been hosted by Imperial County Supervisor Ryan Kelley and his family.

When open, the tavern will be owned and operated by Ryan Brandt and his associates. Brandt’s previous venture into the bar business was “Paddy’s XXI Amendment,” another Irish themed bar located at the Planters Hotel.

Paddy’s XXI Amendment, named the bill that ended Prohibition, was destroyed in a fire in March 2007 that consumed much of the old landmark hotel.

The intention to open the tavern was announced at the same time as the closure of the Rock Coffee Shop in December 2015. An adjacent car wash that employed several Brawley teens also closed at the same time to make room for the tavern.

The opening of Paddy’s At The Rock will cater to a growing number of young working adults seeking a long desired nightlife within the city. It was this desire for a nightlife that led to the opening of the nearby Inferno Restaurant in 2015.

While most in the city are excited at a new business opening, especially one in the downtown area, one chief concern for nearby residents is the difficulty in finding parking issues and possible traffic problems. While a city-owned parking lot exists a block east of the new tavern, the number of available spaces at the plaza is still limited.

Currently, there are around 80 spaces around the Plaza area on both the North and South Plaza streets and on Main between the old City Hall and the Post Office. The spaces were created by the city in an attempt to ensure safe parking for businesses around the area and a free flow of traffic.

While there are marked crossings for pedestrians around the plaza, several have expressed their concern that the area might becomes less safe for those on foot.
There has not been an announced date for the opening of the new tavern.