Calexico Consulate Responds To Migrant Protection Call

Calexico Consulate Responds To Migrant Protection Call

By Mario Conde

The Mexican Consulate in Calexico will be more vigilant about the treatment of Mexican nationals living in the United States, as ordered by Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto. This was Mexican Consul General Carlos Flores Vizcarra’s stated objective, emphasizing that the consulate will prepare for any situation affecting Mexicans living in the Imperial Valley.

Given United States President Donald Trump’s Jan. 25 executive order to build a border wall and the uncertain future of U.S.-Mexico relations, Peña Nieto gave a televised address lamenting the order to build the wall, adding that “Mexico offers and demands respect.”

“The President of the United States signed two executive orders relevant to our country: one to implement new immigration measures and another one to extend the border,” Peña Nieto explained in his address. “In response, I have ordered the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to reinforce measures to protect our fellow citizens. Mexico’s 50 consulates in the United States will become true ramparts in defense of migrant rights. Our communities are not alone. The Mexican government will offer them legal advice to guarantee the protection they require.”

Consul Flores Vizcarra described how Peña Nieto’s intent will be implemented locally by stressing that his office will focus on “providing more services to people that need assistance from the Mexican consulate, that need legal representation or other documents.” He added that the Mexican consular network is not alone in its migrant protection efforts, such as interviewing those who face deportation, “because we have strategic partners and stakeholders that help us assist people with or without legal documents.”

The Mexican Consulate will also be in Holtville this Saturday, Feb. 11, at Meyer Memorial Library from 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m., where they will provide legal services and information regarding birth certificates and passports.

Flores Vizcarra also stated that he believes President Peña Nieto has done a good job handling this situation by not overreacting and by emphasizing that Mexico is not an enemy of the United States.

President Trump has stated that his administration plans to deport millions of undocumented immigrants with criminal records. Flores Vizcarra concluded that Mexico is ready to receive them and there are agencies in Mexico prepared to assist people who have been deported as they arrive.

“The Mexican government has involved the Ministry of Social Services to allocate funds to support migrants in the shelters in Mexicali, and other agencies also help them to return to their community of origin by giving them monetary support for meals and travel expenses,” he elaborated. “There is also an employment program where they interview migrants who have returned and are oriented to get recommended for a job.”

For more information, the Mexican Consulate in Calexico can be reached at (760) 357-3863 or via e-mail at

For emergencies only, the consulate advises calling (760) 455-2140.