Holtville Middle School Worker Gets a Cool Surprise

Dolores Mondragon was quietly working in the office of the Holtville Middle School, something that she has been doing for the past 20 years, waiting for her daughter to come by and visit. Dolores’s look on her face as her daughter came in and said, “Mom we have a surprise for you”, was priceless, as cameras and a gang of people walked into the office.

Dolores Mondragon was thrilled Monday morning when she found out that her daughter entered her into the contest, and that she was the winner.

The 5-ton air conditioning unit is being provided by Artic Air. The contest ran for several weeks on KXO Radio. Letters were requested, describing somebody who could really use a new air conditioning unit. The letters were judged by an independent source outside Imperial County. They chose the letter submitted by the daughter of Dolores Mondragon, whose current unit is on its last legs. Dolores Mondragon, a Holtville resident that has worked over 20 years at the Holtville Middle School, and also works at the Whispering Winds Catholic Retreat in Julian, to make ends meet. The give-a-way was the idea of Artic Air, who has said they would like to make it an annual event.