HHS list of Accomplishments For the 2013-14 School Year Goes On and On

By: Cassie Acosta


Holtville High School Valedictorian, Mariah Tumbaga, gives her commencement speech to wrap this awesome year for the HHS students.


The 2013-14 school year was an exciting one for Holtville High School. From CIF championships to a multitude of scholarship recipients, there has hardly been a dull moment for the students of Holtville High. The year kicked off strong with a winning football team making their way to the final round of the CIF championship, ultimately taking the Div V title home after beating the Crawford Colts 42-6. A winning state of mind continued on to the second semester of the school year, eventually resulting in Holtville taking home the Div IV CIF championship in wrestling. These two noteworthy achievements were honored on June 7 at the Green and Gold Hall of Fame banquet.

The past school year has not only been an outstanding display of athletic achievement, but of academic excellence as well. A senior scholarship and awards banquet was held on June 5 to honor and distribute scholarships to seniors who had shown great academic achievement in the 2013-14 school year.Over 40 scholarships were handed out to seniors during the ceremony. Among the recipients was this years GATES Millenium Award winner, Stephanie Garcia, who also received other scholarships during the ceremony. Students were recognized based on overall GPA as well, with nearly half of the senior class holding a 3.0 or higher. College acceptance was exceptionally high this year, also, as almost 81% of this year’s senior class reported that they will be attending either a 4-year university or 2-year program.

Holtville High School has had its many achievements in the past, but the 2013-14 school year has helped the high school make great strides in putting our small town on the map.