Imperial County Transportation Commission received funding in the amount of $3.3 million dollars

By Mario Conde

019The Imperial County Transportation Commission received funding in the amount of $3.3 million dollars for the increase bus services in Imperial County.

The press conference was held inside the Imperial County Transit bus where State Senator Ben Hueso gave ICTC Chairman Jack Terrazas received the award of $3.3 million to bus used for transit bus purchase. In October of 2012, ICTC submitted a grant for State Proposition 1B funding for the purchase of transit vehicles for the Imperial Valley Transit public fixed route bus system. The ICTC was granted the funding on May 31st of this year.

Proposition 1B is a California State Transportation Bond Program encompassing Highway Safety, Traffic Reduction Air Quality and Port Security. Approximately $2.4 million of those funds will be used for purchase of up to 6 of the larger “Low Floor” standard 40ft. transit buses to be sued on the IVT fixed route service. The new buses would replace aging buses in the current transit fleet as a part of a capital replacement program, as well as new or expanded transit services throughout Imperial Valley.

Approximately $932,000 would also be used to purchase up to smaller 27ft. buses which will be sued on intracity city circulator services in the City of El Centro and Brawley and other IVT services where less capacity is required. Future circulators are planned in the cities of Calexico and Imperial.

“The new smaller buses would also replace aging smaller buses in the current transit fleet as part of a capital replacement program. It is ICTC’s goal to obtain the buses within 18 to 24 months.” said Mark Baza, ICTC Executive Director.

El Centro Councilwoman Sedalia Sanders thanked ICTC for their hard work in improving transportation in the County and said that the collaboration of the cities will make possible a regional plan that will benefit all.

Sanders also acknowledged the work of ICTC in developing the Bus Terminal that will be located on State & 8 in El Centro that will be a plus for local transportation in Calexico. The new fleet that will come thanks to this funding will help increase service the Calexico-El Centro routes that will decrease the waiting time from 70 to 35 minutes in which people will more bus routes to travel to El Centro and back.