Summer Day Camp Helps Brawley Youth Beat High Heat

By Chris Furguson


For Brawley youth, there is very little to do during the hot summer months outside of staying indoors or the occasional swim at the Lions Center pool. However, for a significant number of kids, one way to beat the summer heat and doldrums is to spend your days at the Summer Day Camp, currently being held at the Brawley Lions Center.

The Summer Day Camp consists of a series of activities that encourage movement and physical activity. This year’s theme is “Let’s Get Physical,” which continues the program’s desire to promote physical movement during the summer months.


“We’ve done away with movie night,” explained Rachel Zepeda, the camp’s director. “Instead, we’re having the kids do move more while they’re here.”


Each session begins at 10 am with check-in followed by a half hour of Kids’ Zumba, led by local dance instructors. After the group dance is a smaller group exercise, which is proceeded by lunchtime.


After lunch, the kids do some arts and crafts projects followed by two more hours of exercise. Early camp attendees are also able to use the city’s open gym program which starts at 8 am.


Kids are also able to go swimming within their age groups on certain days.


While there is a $75 fee for children attending the Summer Day Camp, space is still available for late attendees until the closing date of August 2.


“We never turn anyone away,” said Zepeda. “If anyone wants to bring their kid, we’ll take them.


Starting on August 5, the Summer Day Camp gives way to Open Gym, which costs attendees $5 per day. Children are also required to bring their own lunch.


The Summer Day Camp is one of many activities available for youth and teens through the Brawley Parks & Recreation program. For more information, contact the department at (760) 344-5675.