7 Apply for Calexico School Board

By Mario Conde

The deadline to submit application for Calexico School Board Trustee appointment has concluded and there are seven individuals seeking the position.

The Calexico School Board decided to seek a provisional appointment in order to fill the vacant position that left by Joong Kim. Former Trustee Joong Kim stayed six months at the Calexico Board while being in the Calexico City Council.  Joong Kim submitted and filed with the Imperial County Superintendent of Schools a letter of resignation from his position as member of the Governing Board of the Calexico Unified School District effective June 12, 2013.

The school board decided to go for appointment rather than going for the special election and the individuals that submitted their applications are: Former Calexico Mayor Daniel Romero, Anette Buttner, Vincent Cuevas, Ben Horton Sr, Simon Lopez, Erik Ortega, Simon Lopez, and Orlando Espino.

Most of the applicants already ran for office November of last year having Cuevas, Horton, and Buttner running unsuccessfully for school board.  Romero will try to come back to the political spotlight after being defeated from office last year. Erik Ortega also failed to get elected to City Council last year but currently serves as 1st Vice-President of the Calexico Chamber of Commerce this year and also serves on the Calexico Economic Development Commission.

There are two new faces that are entering politics and they are Simon Lopez and Orlando Espino. Espino is a former teacher and currently works as a Calexico Police Officer.

Trustees Letty Zuno and Ciro Calderon were appointed to the advisory committee within to ensure that applicants are eligible for Board membership and announce the names of eligible candidates. The candidates will also be given the questions to be asked at the interview, subject to the Board members’ right to ask follow-up questions during the interview.

The interviews will occur before the Board, in open public session at a regular or special meeting. The tentative day for this will be at the August 1st school board meeting. Each applicant will receive an interview of approximately 15 total minutes, commencing with the candidate’s statement of no more than three minutes by being asked to respond to the questions provided.