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Girls booked into Juvenile Hall in San Diego County abuse drugs at substantially higher rates than their male counterparts and face greater risk factors for delinquency, according to a new study released today by the SANDAG Criminal Justice Research Division.


The study, “2012 Juvenile Arrestee Drug Use in the San Diego Region,” reveals alarming differences along gender lines:


  • 64 percent of the girls interviewed for the study reported that their families had prior involvement with Child Protective Services, compared to 15 percent of the boys.
  • 76 percent of the girls reported having run away from home, compared to 41 percent of the boys.
  • Girls were significantly more likely than boys to report using alcohol at an earlier age. The average age of first alcohol use is 11.8 for girls and 12.9 for boys.
  • Girls were significantly more likely than boys to have tried methamphetamine (56% vs. 21%); ecstasy (60% vs. 27%); LSD (28% vs. 7%); and spice (76% vs. 45%).
  • Girls also were significantly more likely than boys to have missed school due to drug use (50 % vs. 16%).


“These trends we are seeing speak to the importance of having gender-appropriate intervention and prevention programs to address the underlying needs of girls,” said SANDAG Director of Criminal Justice Research Cynthia Burke.

As part of the study, a total of 124 youth were interviewed at Juvenile Hall in March and September of 2012. Ninety-seven percent (97%) or 120 of these youth provided a urine sample for drug testing purposes (95 males and 25 females). The research includes results of urinalysis trends over time, as well as information pertaining to lifetime and recent self-reported drug use, perceived risk and availability of different drugs, and characteristics of the youth interviewed and how these factors may be related to drug use.


The complete report, along with a Criminal Justice Fax on juvenile delinquent girls, is attached.

2012 Juvenile Arrestee Drug Use

CJ Fax _ Juvenile Delinquent Girls


By Mario Conde                  

The Measure “H” Commission held its first workshop this past Monday to build a priority list for projects in Calexico.

This is part of the series of workshops that the commission will hold in order to establish priorities of the bond measure that the City will seek for capital improvement projects by bonding against Measure “H” revenues. A handful of Calexico residents attended the Measure H meeting and spoke about the priorities the City should take.

Resident John Romo said that Measure “H” money should go for public safety and remodel the current building police station. Calexico resident Javier Gonzalez also supported having public safety as a priority and asked the commission to prioritize having a public safety building instead of focusing only on building a new Fire Department. Gonzalez also supported the construction of a new state of the art Community Center since the current one is very old said the City deserves a new one.

Police Association Representative Gabriel Rodriguez asked to be placed on the agenda for the next Measure “H” meeting to explain why the Police Department needs a new public safety building and be join the fire department in having a modern building. Rodriguez said that this will be the only chance the City will do this. The current Police and Fire Department located on Fifth Street was built in 1971.

Other residents like Marcela Garcia who is a teacher in Calexico said to be concerned about the parks that are in very bad condition. She said that parks should be a priority for the City and fix the problems that could pose a threat for the safety of the families.

Member Guillermo Hermosillo said that the City needs to come out solutions and be more proactive.

“We need to show the community that we are giving back to the community and that their tax dollars made a difference in the community.” Hermosillo said.

Hermosillo supported the creation of a public safety building and a new community center and added that the City should look into building a municipal swimming pool so that the residents can have access to the that pool year round.

The next workshop will take place at the Carmen Durazo Cultural Arts Center next Monday August 5th at 5:15pm.


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By Chris Furguson

Comics Legend Stan Lee smiles for the cameras during a press conference for the second year of his YouTube channel Stan Lee's World of Heroes

Comics Legend Stan Lee smiles for the cameras during a press conference for the second year of his YouTube channel Stan Lee’s World of Heroes

Stan Lee, the creator of many of Marvel Comics’ famous heroes and villains, joined the San Diego Comic-Con 2013 to celebrate the anniversary of his YouTube channel “Stan Lee’s World of Heroes.”

Stan Lee’s World of Heroes, or “SLWOH” for short, has received over 220 million views and earned more than a quarter million subscribers over the past year, thanks to Lee’s presence and shows like “Stan Rants” and “Adrianne Curry’s Superfans.”

This year, SLWOH brought several new and returning content providers to the convention.  Among them are:

* Cosplay Piano:  Professional pianist Sonya Belousova performs original arrangements of superhero-themed movie, television and video game scores with a touch of cosplay thrown in.  Belusova is known for her cosplay rendition of scores from the “Walking Dead” and “Game of Thrones.”

“The arrangements are mine,” said Belousova, “but the costumes are made by a professional costumer in Los Angeles.”

* How it Should Have Ended – Stan Lee Edition:  Collaborators Tina Alexander and Daniel Baxter, creators of the “How It Should Have Ended” YouTube channel, have joined Stan Lee for a six-episode project.

“How It Should Have Ended” takes a satirical look at movies, particularly the endings, and re-animate how they should have finished.  Each project takes around three weeks to complete.

“They’re all his ideas,” said Alexander of the collaboration.

* HardWired – Internet vlogger (video blogger) iJustine, in collaboration with AOL On, demonstrates wearable gadgets and how they simulate superpowers.  iJustine, one of the most subscribed female personalities on YouTube, also wore a costume based on the gadgets she wears, including a Google Glass prototype she brought to Comic-Con.

* Bad Days – The animated series “Bad Days” returns for a second season at the San Diego Comic-Con.  The show is about heroes and villains who deal with everyday annoyances on their worst days.  Created by Junaid Chundrigar, the show returns for a second season on SLWOH.

For more information about the channel, visit

Content providers for Stan Lee's World of Heroes join Mr. Lee for this group photo.  New content will include Cosplay Piano and How It Should Have Ended - Stan Lee Editions

Content providers for Stan Lee’s World of Heroes join Mr. Lee for this group photo. New content will include Cosplay Piano and How It Should Have Ended – Stan Lee Editions


Event:                        Fourth Annual Border Patrol Agent Robert Rosas Memorial Relay Run from Campo, California to El Centro, California


Date:                           Tuesday, July 23, 2013 – Wednesday, July 24, 2013


Time:                          6:00 p.m. – 7:00 a.m.


Location:                    Shockey Truck Trail near the border road just north of the international border fence in Campo.

Starting Point: Link

Ending Point: Link


Purpose:                     To honor the tragic loss of Border Patrol Agent Robert Rosas, who was gunned down and murdered by several men in an isolated area of Campo, Calif., near the international border fence while conducting patrol duties on the evening of July 23, 2009.


Contacts:                    San Diego Sector Border Patrol Agent Gutierrez (starting point)

                                    El Centro Sector Border Patrol Agents Dribnak and Peng (ending point)





Agent Robert Rosas, of the Campo, Calif., Border Patrol Station, died in the line of duty on the night of July 23, 2009.  On Tuesday, July 23, shortly before sunset, a 68-mile memorial border relay run will take place in honor of Agent Robert Rosas.  The relay will start from the location of Robert’s memorial cross near the border fence in Campo, Calif., and will end at his gravesite in his hometown of El Centro, California.  San Diego Sector Border Patrol participants will run twenty-two, 2.55 mile legs throughout the night to complete the 68-mile relay that memorializes Robert’s former call sign, 255.

Agent Rosas was born and raised in El Centro, Calif., and he often was referred to as the “Mayor of El Centro,” due to his popularity and his friendly, witty demeanor.  He graduated from Central Union High School, where he met his wife, Rosalie.  Prior to becoming a Border Patrol agent, he worked as a corrections officer for six years at Centinela State Prison, in addition to serving two years as a reserve police officer for the El Centro Police Department.  Agent Rosas began his career with the U.S. Border Patrol on May 22, 2006, as a member of the 621st Session at the Border Patrol Academy.


On the night July 23, 2009, while patrolling near Campo, CA Agent Rosas responded to suspicious activity in an area notorious for alien and drug smuggling when he was shot and killed by unidentified assailants.  A joint investigation, to include the cooperation and assistance of the Government of Mexico, led to the identification and arrest of four subjects who were subsequently extradited to the United States to face justice.  To date, three of the assailants have pled guilty and the fourth remains in custody pending a September trial date.


The murder of Agent Rosas resulted in the loss of a loving husband and father who had two young children. 


Agent Rosas’ dedication to duty, country, and his family shall never be forgotten.




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