ICTC Holds Workshop

By Mario Conde

The Imperial County Transportation Commission is talking to Calexico bus users to see how to improve the bus service in Calexico.

Staff members of the ICTC arrived at the main bus stop in Calexico located on 3rd and Paulin this past Tuesday to ask bus riders their opinion on what is needed with the local bus service provided by the IV Transit and in what can they improve. Later that evening, a public workshop was held at Enrique Camarena Library where members of the community expressed their opinion on where public transportation should be. This is an effort to get the input of bus users and take those suggestions to the team of consultants that are working on doing transportation study for the County that will be completed this summer.

 The ICTC has been planning regional improvements for the bus service that include starting an intra-city bus service similar to the Blue Line in El Centro in cities like Brawley, Imperial, and Calexico.

ICTC Executive Director, Mark Baza, said that based on their transit need analysis they are looking to expand hours of services on Saturday’s and also to consider service on Sundays. Baza mention that they are also considering increasing the service at the Calexico-El Centro corridor since they currently run every 70 minutes and try to cut that in half and have then run every 35 minutes during the weekday.

“We are getting the input from the people to see what routes the Orange Line in Calexico might have and then in the future present it to the City Council to see what their decision is.” Baza said.

The ICTC is also looking to create a bus terminal in Calexico similar to the one being done on State St in El Centro. Baza said that the bus terminal that is being planned in Calexico will be the home for the IVT Access, Calexico Transit System, LA Shuttle, and the local taxis will use the terminal. This part of the improvement goal of the ICTC to improve the quality of regional transportation and in Calexico.

In regards to the IVC Student complaints that took place a couple of months ago where most of them were stranded due to overcrowded buses, Baza said the issue has been resolved where more express buses were added and have received positive feedback from students. Baza said that for next school year they are thinking about adding another express bus to IVC in the evening hours for their use.