Board of Supervisors aprove program that will focus in idenfying and preventing future criminal behavior.

By Mario Conde

The Imperial County Board of Supervisors aprove program that will focus in idenfying and preventing future criminal behavior.

The Board of Supervisors approved a request from District Attorney Gilbert Otero for the Adminstrative Support Services Agreement between the Imperial County Distirct and National Corrective Group, Inc. (CorrectiveSolutions), to intitute a pre-charge, pre-trial, and/or post-trial diversion program in Imperial County referred to as Community Accountability Program. All cost associated with the program will be the resonsabilty of Corrective Solutions.

The purpose of the program, Otero said, is to address the root causes of a person’s criminal involvment and provide them with an opportunity to correct the behavior. The Program will allow eligble individuals accused of committing certain crimes to avoid criminal prosecution by particpting in and fulfuillling specific requirments.

“The requirments include attendance at educational and rehabilative Community Accountability Classes which address the causes, behavioral patterns and stresses that contribute to various forms of crimminal conduct and teach the participants how to avoid repating such offenses in the future.” Otero said. He also mentioned that this is an effort to aliviate the work of the court and prevent future crimes.

The District Attorney’s Office will identify eligible individuals, establish conditions of participation, and refer eligible individuals to correctie solutions. Corrective solutions will adminster the program and notifty the District Attorney’s Office regarding the partcipants prograss and compleitons. Corrective Solutions will provide administrative support services and staff to adminster the program classes.

Paticiapants are required to pay fees which are attached to the Community Accountability Agreement. The program fees include an adminstrative fee to offset the District Attorney’s Office’s adminstrative expenses associated with determining program eligiblity and coordianting program completion. In addition, the District Attorney’s Office intends for a portion of this fees to be applied to an Indignet Praticipation Fund.

Supervisor Mike Kelley inquired about the $175 fee and pointed out that most that in most cases people that commit these type of offences are indigents and asked how will they help them to get access to this program. Otero responded that this program will have special fund to help those that need help to pay the fee and want to change their behavior.

The board of Supervisors apporve this proposasl with at vote of 5-0.