Imperial Valley College Students Seek More Buses

By Mario Conde

Imperial Valley College students made themselves present at Tuesday’s Calexico City Council meeting asking for the Council’s help regarding bus transportation.

The issue at hand is that many students are not picked up by the Express Calexico-IVC Imperial Valley Transit Bus because of the overload of passengers. Up to 20 students are not picked up daily by the IV Transit bus leaving students  tardy to class or even dropped from the class for excessive absences. Some students have been forced to walk from Encinas Ave on the east side of Calexico and walk all the way to the west side of Calexico just to have seat in the IVC line and get to college.

Some other students are forced to take the Line 100 IV Transit bus but they have to take a long trip. Whereas, the IVC Express takes 30 minutes the get to the college, students that take the Line 100 have to surround many areas that include Calexico, Heber, El Centro, and finally Imperial Valley College. That trip can take up to hour and half.

Various IVC Students showed up at the Calexico City Council meeting to ask for their support and do something to solve this problem.

IVC Student Omar Ochoa told the Council many students are being left daily and that is affecting their financial future.

IVC Student Government representative Manuel Reyes said that enrollment at IVC increases every year and most of them come from Calexico. “This happens frequently, Imperial County has the highest unemployment and gases are soaring, that why people are going back to college and that’s why we need to provide students with better transportation so they can continue their education.” He said.

IVC Student Government President, Lisa Tylenda, echoed what the other students said saying that she took the bus and was later to class and her teachers didn’t care like most of the teachers don’t care if students are late because of the bus.

“We want you to help us in this effort because we really need it. This is a big deal because all of our class schedules revolve around the bus times.” Tylenda said.

Supervisor John Renison said he will work with Councilman Bill Hodge and IVC Trustee Louis Wong to solve these issues and keep pushing for more transportation for IVC Students.  Mayor Pro Tem Hodge announced the ICTC will discuss this issue and provide some solutions at their meeting on Feb. 28 and said he will do anything in his power to find a quick solution for this.