City Council of Calexico approved its Mid-Year Budget

By Mario Conde

The City Council of Calexico approved its Mid-Year Budget report last Tuesday that project a positive financial outlook for the City going forward.

City Manager Oscar Rodriquez presented the Mid-Year Budget document that provides the Council with a half-way view of the FY 2012-13 Annual Operating Budget that was adopted on September 27, 2012.  Rodriquez said that the purpose of this budget review is that it gives the Council information it needs to develop or change policies that could move the City in new direction. It also fulfills the requirement that the Council be involved in certain budget adjustments such as those that call for additional appropriations or reductions of revenue estimates.

Rodriquez said that there are no changes or recommended adjustments to the FY 2012-13 Adopted Annual Operating Budget beyond those already approved by Council during the year. The Revenue Report shows both December monthly totals and the six-month ended year-to-date General Fund revenue. The month of December saw the first installment of property tax at $787,605. The difference the monthly amount and year-to-date reflects amounts received previously for supplemental and unsecured property tax which flow every month, but at smaller amounts.

Rodriquez said that based on the budget, the Sales and Use Tax should be slightly over $2.0 million for the six month period.  “We estimated the month of December Sales Tax because it has not yet been received and also added in the Measure “H” collections to arrive at the total of $2,095,990.” Rodriquez said. Calexico Finance Director John Quinn said that City Departments are running at their budget and none of them have spent more than what they are suppose to. Quinn said that property taxes for this year will be stabilized and see a 2% growth rate in sales tax that will add additional revenue to get General Fund.

City Manager Rodriquez also said that Staff has been considering the pros and cons of converting to a biennial, or two year, budget. Increased emphasis on planning and goal setting is a major reason why the move is even being considered.

“We also believe the multi-year programs and projects will be better served by tighter control with a budget made for more than one year.” He said.

Rodriquez ended his presentation saying that they will meet their target revenues for the remainder of this fiscal year.