Calexico City Council approved Measure “H” funding for feasibility study for the main Fire and Police facilities

By Mario Conde

The Calexico City Council approved Measure “H” funding for feasibility study for the main Fire and Police facilities.

Calexico Fire Chief Pete Mercado asked for financial assistance in funding the cost of a public safety feasibility study for our main fire and policy facility. The cost of the public safety feasibility study is $19,950 and would try to see how to best serve the Fire and Police departments’ aging facilities.

The study will look at the city’s growth to the north and how to best address it. It will look at all factors influencing location of the department and whether the existing location will work to serve the community’s needs, and/or a new location will be needed. The focus of the study will be on the Fire Department and the Police Department will be secondary.

The quotation for this study, Mercado said, would fulfill the first phase of the project which is to identify what the structural issues are and what options are feasible for restoration or relocation to provide a safe and habitable facility for public safety. This phase would be tasked with providing a Conceptual Feasibility Study that would serve as an assessment of the current infrastructure.

There are two tasks that will be addressed in the phase which include an assessment of the existing site Fire Department building condition followed by documentation in the form a written report on a facility evaluation.

“We need to properly analyze where the City is growing. Depending on what the study findings are, we may need to temporary relocate staff. Before we jump into spending lots of money we need to find out the basics.”City Manager Oscar Rodriquez said.

The feasibility study is the first step and Phase I in the project. The study will inform the City if rehabilitation and expansion of the existing facility is a conceptually reasonable approach or not. The study will investigate if the existing structure can be seismically upgraded and retrofitted to comply with current building codes, life safety, accessibility, and Essential Services Act.

The Council approved this request with a vote of 5-0.