Border Patrol Civilian Academy

Jorge Villalobos

The United States Border Patrol of El Centro held their first Civilian’s Academy this past Wednesday (January 30th). The event is a six part course in which civilians can get an insight into Border Patrol operations, tasks and the technology they use.

Fabian Morales, Border Patrol Supervisor welcomed the class, a total of 26 civilians, and made sure that the class knew exactly what they were getting into.

The class was taken from one room to another, where they were briefed on the history of Border Patrol as a whole and on a local scale via Power Point.

Though the presentations were brief, the class learned about some of the methods drug smugglers use in modern times to counteract the agency’s tactics, which is ever evolving.

Introductions were given by Daniel Hann, Assistant Chief Patrol Agent and Billy Whitford, U.S. Customs Director.

The course prepped the class on upcoming demonstrations such as visiting the East and West Port of Entries, using some of their non-lethal weapons and Borstar demonstrations.

The evening concluded with a tour of the El Centro facility which included a showing of the camera room and a small briefing on non-lethal, lethal weapons and vehicles currently used by the agents.

The next class is scheduled for February 6th and it promises to be a more “hands on,” experience with less power points.