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By Mario Conde

The Calexico Police Department is currently investigating the case of a homicide and attempted homicide that happened Tuesday morning.

Last Tuesday at about 9:36 a.m. the Calexico Police Department responded to a 911 call in the 1000 block of F. Torres Street in Calexico. The 911 Dispatcher could only hear faint sounds of a woman crying on the other end of the call as stated in a press release by the Calexico Police Department.

Police Department units responded to the residence and found a shirtless male jumping on top of a vehicle in the driveway, yelling. The shirtless male failed to respond to police commands and ultimately was subdued by use of a Taser. The subject was found to be in possession of a large knife.

A safety check of the residence found two females and an infant located in different areas of the house. One female, along with an infant, was found in an upstairs room with multiple stab wounds, the other female was found in the garage with major trauma to the head.

Both females were transported to El Centro Regional Hospital. A short time later, the female recovered from the garage was declared deceased from her injuries. The other female is reported to be in serious condition.

Jose Antonio Cisneros, age 31, was arrested at the scene and is being held for investigation at this time.



By Chris Furguson

At their November 20 meeting, the City of Brawley chose the method they would use to fill a vacancy left by the departing Ryan Kelley. The council chose to appoint from a list of potential applicants rather than hold a special election in March or June of 2013.
Applicants will have a week to file their paperwork with a deadline of November 28, followed by a five minute presentation during a special meeting on Monday, December 3. After the presentations, the council will choose their new council member.
The term left by Kelley will remain until November 2015. Kelley won a seat on the County Board of Supervisors earlier this year, necessitating his resignation two weeks ago.
Of concern was the length of the vacancy and the cost to be incurred should an election be held. City Attorney Dennis Morita told the council that, in his recollection, the city had 30 days to appoint someone or choose to have an election.
As the filing deadline for a March election was November 6, Brawley would have to wait until June 2013. “I’m concerned about the length of time with only having four members on the council instead of five,” said Brawley Mayor George Nava.
The rest of the council, Sam Couchman, Don Campbell and Miguel Miranda, seemed to be in agreement with the mayor’s concerns. Couchman initially preferred the special election option mainly due to the length of remaining time on Kelley’s term, but agreed to the appointment process.
A special election would have to be paid for by the city and costs could have run as high as $30,000.
Those interested in the position will be notified in local media and other processes when applications are available. A form similar to the one used for Planning Commission applicants will be created.


I.V. Weekly Chronicle 11-22-12 Vol.106 No.47


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I.V. Weekly Chronicle 11-15-2012 Vol.106 No.46

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