News and Notes from the October 16 Brawley City Council Meeting

By Chris Furguson


• The Brawley City Council, at their meeting on Tuesday, October 16, welcomed newly hired firefighter Julio Rivera to the city’s ranks.

Brawley Interim Fire Chief Chuck Peraza introduced Rivera to the council, in front of Rivera’s parents and other family members.  Also on hand were members of the Brawley Public Safety Committee to congratulate the new firefighter.

Rivera, who was working with the department as a “call-paid” firefighter, recently passed his testing and was hired to fill a hole in staffing.

Rivera thanked his family and Chief Peraza “for the opportunity to work for the city.”


• The Brawley council extended a state of emergency declaration for an additional 30 days.  The item, which was on the regular agenda portion of meeting, was approved unanimously by the three presiding members of the council with no discussion.

After the Earthquake swarm a few in late August, the council declared a state of emergency and must review the declaration and renew if the need for such a declaration is warranted.

Mayor George Nava and council members Miguel Miranda and Don Campbell approved the extension.  Council members Ryan Kelley and Sam Couchman were not present.


• The Brawley City Council heard an update on the city’s credit card payment program at their meeting on Tuesday.

Finance Director Ruby Walla said that the program was becoming popular with residents but was extremely useful for commercial accounts with large bills to pay.  This has also led to unexpected costs that the city is incurring, especially when large accounts are paying their bills with a single card.

Walla also mentioned the possibility of future payments through the city’s website.  Walla said she had been contacted by a company that specializes in helping counties with bill payments.

The council gave Walla direction to continue pursuing these possibilities.