Imperial County Fish and Game Commission Announces 2012-13 Chair and Vice Chair

El Centro, October 3, 2012 – The Imperial County Fish and Game Commission at their October

2, 2012 meeting voted unanimously to elect Clem Muller, Jr. as its 2012-13 Chair and Frank

Bailey as its 2012-13 Vice Chair.


Brian Barrett, Chairman for the 2011-12 year has done an outstanding job addressing many issues that have come before the Commission.  The opportunity to continue those efforts have been transferred to Clem Muller, Jr. as the new Chairman. Chairman Muller has spearheaded the Jr. Trout Fishing Derbies for the past five years.

(2012-13 Vice Chair Frank Bailey, 2012-13 Chair Clem Muller, Jr., and 2011-12 Chair Brian Barrett)



ABOUT the Imperial County Fish and Game Commission – The Imperial County Fish and Game Commission is made of up to eleven members, appointed and confirmed by the Board of Supervisors.  The Commissioners are individuals involved in private enterprise with expertise in various wildlife-related fields.  The Commissioners’ ultimate decisions must reflect not only the biological needs of our fish and wildlife, but also the wishes, needs and desires of all those who enjoy  these  resources with  the  interest, understanding and  involvement of  everyone who appreciates our magnificent fish and wildlife resources.