City of Holtville News Release


For Immediate Publication: Holtville building permits made easy.


(Holtville, CA)


On August 23, 2012, the Holtville City Council approved an Intergovernmental Agreement with the City of Imperial for the provision of building plan check and inspection services.


Under this agreement, building services, including plan check, building permit and inspection services will be available from Holtville City Hall.


“Our goal is to provide the highest quality customer experience for Holtville businesses and residents. Holtville is streamlining the development process with the intent of making it friendly for all users” noted Mayor Jerry M. Brittsan.


Under the proposed Intergovernmental Agreement, the City of Imperial will provide Plan Check and Building Inspection Services. The City of Holtville will be responsible for issuing building permits and the collection of fees. There are a number of potential development projects in the pipeline, including Baja Desert Tire, Keithly Williams Seed Company, Family Dollar Store and the Desert Vista residential development.


Under the new program, Holtville residents and contractors will be able to secure building permits without leaving Holtville. Permit Technicians at Holtville City Hall, located at 121 West Fifth Street, Holtville, CA 92250, will be available to meet with the public and provide assistance.


Staff has begun the transitioning process, and has initiated a series of coordination meetings with the City of Imperial’s Building and Safety Department.


The City has also met with representatives of the building industry to formulate a strategy for implementation of the new program. All fifty-two (52) of the City’s licensed contractors were invited to a public forum. The contractors that attended the meeting were generally optimistic about the changes to the program.


“I was present at the City of Holtville Contractor’s Workshop on September 20, 2012, I thought this was a very well organized method of communicating with the local contractors, regarding the issues we as contractors face while building in the city of Holtville. The workshop was focused trying to help the city better serve the building industry thru permit processing and inspecting. We discussed several issues brought up by the attending contractors, and the city was very understanding of the issues, and committed to try to work on them with us. One of the major points was the plan to contract the City of Imperial for building permits and inspections, I believe that this is a very good move because the City of Imperial understands the needs faced by a small city, and in their own city they strive to work with the applicants in explanation of the process and time frames.  I believe the city of Holtville will benefit from this partnership,” noted Oscar Grijalva, General Manager of Duggins Construction, Inc.


The City will also hold additional community education forums to educate Holtville residents, property owners, and handymen (who are limited to jobs less than $500) about the benefits of securing a building permit prior to initiating work on a construction project.


“A building permit is a form of insurance for a property owner. The permit process ensures that construction activities conform to code requirements and that basic life, health, sanitation and safety issues are properly addressed. The permit also provides the assessor with a means of tracking and recording investment in real property, which is of critical importance in the event of an insurance claim,” noted Holtville City Manager Alex Meyerhoff


Staff will also provide same day “Over-the-Counter” permits. The list of “Over-the-Counter” permits will be smaller permits, ensuring that the City will be able to turn-around the permit applications the same day. To ensure that permits for minor construction projects are available the same day, in most cases applications will be required to be submitted by 9:00 am.



For more information please contact Holtville City Hall, at 760-356-2912.

Alexander P. Meyerhoff, AICP

City Manager

City of Holtville

121 W. 5th Street

Holtville, CA 92250