Calexico Hotline Coming Soon

By Mario Conde

The Calexico City Council took more steps into implementing a hotline for residents of City this past Tuesday.

Councilman Bill Hodge proposed to have a “hotline” for residents in order for them to express their concerns and give their tips. Hodge argued that this would be a great way to have a better communication with their constituents.

Last Tuesday, City Manager Oscar Rodriquez brought up and option to implement this ideas and asked for direction by the Council. The Citizen Request Management System is an option that is available to us for obtaining comments and concerns from the general public Citizen Request Management CRM Module manages customer communication regarding inquiries requests for information and requests for service complaints questions and compliments.

This public communication tool would allow the City to increase transparency improve responsiveness and manage expectations keeping residents informed and involved. The CRM Module is designed to incorporate with the City existing website look and feel creating a seamless connection to the Public User Accounts can establish a profile and log into the system allowing them to track history of their requests.

Implementation of the Citizen Request Management System has a one time cost of $4,000

The implementation includes 4 days of Project Management Training and system configuration

support. Hosting of the software is an annual fee of $6,000 Annual Software Hosting

includes enterprise unlimited software license unlimited technical support software maintenance/upgrades. The implementation of the system and the annual maintenance fee would be distributed to all city departments. This system would be installed on every computer in the city the city website and have a mobile connect application.


Councilman John Moreno asked if this system could take other languages other than English. Rodriquez said that they will check on that but most likely they will be able to provide that option.


Councilman Hodge was very pleased with this idea and asked the Council to move it forward. Council gave direction to the City Manager to proceed with the investigation of this devise and for its possible implementation.