Geothermal Regulatory Streamlining Bill by Pérez Signed into Law

First bill signed helps provide “green resources for the green economy”
(SACRAMENTO) – Assemblymember V. Manuel Pérez (D-Coachella) proudly announces that his regulatory streamlining bill AB 2205 was signed into law on Friday afternoon by Governor Jerry Brown.  This is the first of Pérez’s seven bills from the 2012 session to receive a signature.
Relating to lithium extraction in geothermal technologies, AB 2205 (Chapter 253, Statutes of 2012) will help spur business creation in new industries tied to geothermal energy.  The new law makes a regulatory clarification so that existing regulations applying to geothermal plants also apply to new clean processes that extract beneficial materials from geothermal brine in closed loop systems at these plants.  These processes did not exist when the regulatory framework for geothermal energy was developed, resulting in ambiguity that has impeded the build out of this emerging industry.
 “This new law helps provide green resources to build out the green economy,” said Pérez. “By supporting new technologies, we can promote business development that taps the related benefits of the geothermal energy that is so abundant in our state, particularly in Imperial County, and keep our state on a path to meet its environmental and economic development goals.”
 Lithium is an important element needed for the production of electric vehicle batteries and other energy storage technologies, the production of which helps meet the state’s emission reduction and electric vehicle goals while encouraging business development in this field.  By clarifying the code to reflect technological advances to extract lithium, the State of California will be positioned to be a major producer of this valuable element.
Pérez is the chair of the Assembly Committee on Jobs, Economic Development, and the Economy and also serves as chair of the Select Committee on the Renewable Energy Economy in Rural California.