Calexico Police Department to Receive New Handguns

By Mario Conde

The Calexico City Council approved a bid that will give the police department new handguns to replace the ones they have.

Police Chief Neujahr requested the Council to award the bid to ProForce Law Enforcement for the replacement of Police Department GLOCK handguns, magazines, pouches, and holsters, as well as the trade-in credit for the used weapons.

The Chief further requested that Council declare the used weapons as surplus property, allowing Calexico Peace Officers to purchase their duty weapons through a local FFL Dealer for the same credit amount as allowed for by ProForce Law Enforcement for the same weapons.

The fiscal impact for this will be $14,048.84 and it will come from asset forfeiture funds. The Council went to bid for the new handguns since they needed to be replaced since they were outdated on and could potentially cause misfires in emergency situations.

“Due to the extreme conditions and use that our police handguns are exposed to, they have come to the end of their reliable use.”Neujahr said. “GLOCK, Inc., the manufacture of our weapons, recommends the replacement of these weapons after having fired 35,000 to 40,000 rounds, or every 10 years. Our current weapons have surpassed both of these bench marks.”

The Police Department requested that the GLOCK equipment be declared surplus as the equipment will no longer be used by the Police Department. Under the bid submitted by ProForce, the company would give the City trade-in credit in the amount of $320.00 for each gun.

Calexico Mayor Daniel Romero questioned as to why someone would be interested in buying those gun surplus if they don’t work. Calexico Police Officers Association President, Luis Casillas, responded to that question and said that it’s very symbolic for a police officer to buy their gun and they use it for their personal use and not for work.

Councilman Luis Castro said that this was an important item and needed to take action immediately. The Council then proceeded to approve the new bids for the new handguns.