Calexico Planning Commission Approve the Catavina Cove Townhomes and a Mobile Home Project

By Mario Conde

The Calexico Planning Commission approved the Catavina Cove Townhomes and a Mobile Home Project at their regular Monday meeting.

The Planning Commission approved the application that were submitted in order to allow for the development of approximately 2.07 acres of land located within the Bravo/Rodiles Subdivision on the southeast corner of Clinton Avenue and Cole Road.

Land uses surrounding the project site include Residential Single Family uses to the South Residential Condominium uses to west, commercial use to the East, and a vacant parcel to the North proposed for Mobile Home Park usage. The Subdivision Map would subdivide the 2.07 acre parcel into fourteen duplex site for condominium purposes to develop ten two bedroom and eighteen three bedroom units.

The commission approved the Zone Change would re-zone the project site from Residential Apartment to Planned Unit Development allowing more design flexibility than is generally possible under conventional zoning or subdivision regulations. The proposed zoning would be considered consistent with the city’s General Plan designation of High Density Residential in accordance with state law.

The Planning Commission also approved the Las Palmas Mobile Home Park subdivision. The project entails the subdivision of approximately 76 acres of land into 4 parcels for condominium purposes. The site is currently approved as the Las Palmas Mobile Home Park which received Administrative Site Plan approval by the Planning Department in 2004 for the construction of approximately 466 mobile home sites and appropriate required infrastructure improvements.

Finally, the Planning Commission decided to table an application from a company called Sky Vision Ads for conditional use permit to install a 10’ x 30’ billboard for advertizing purposes locate on property at 571 Scaroni Road. The City updated their sign ordinance in 2010 that allowed billboards if they are granted a conditional use permit.

The Planning Commission requested more information about this application and decided to table this item until a future meeting. The application was in conformity with the General Plan.