Holtville Awakens

The City of Holtville has been in a dormant state for several years, showing little or no growth. In fact over the past ten years, the only new construction of any type of business was a water dispenser facility. Holtville sits quietly while other cities around the county have seen increasing growth with new businesses and housing.

On Monday morning there was some new activity in Holtville.  There were hard hats and golden shovels being handed out and a new construction sign was put up.  Yes it is true; Holtville is getting a new building to house Baja Desert Tire.  The building will be 4200 sq. ft. and will be on the corner of Fifth and Pine. Baja Desert Tire is also looking to construct another building down the line, a store to house some of their products.

But there is more. There seems to be a new attitude in town with the City Manager wanting to make Holtville a business friendly city.  He was quoted as saying “I want Holtville to be known as the City of Red Carpet not Red Tape”. When Baja Desert Tire brought their plans to the city, the city quickly scheduled a project review meeting. There were a few design recommendations made, and then it was off to the Planning Commission for a Public Hearing and Conditional Use Permit, which was granted. The process set a new record of taking less then 30 days to issue a CUP. This is something new for Holtville.

It is exciting to see some movement in Holtville.  There seems to be a new interest in our town.  Plans are being submitted and will hopefully be moving to construction soon.

There is currently 1 seat open for Holtville’s Planning Commission for someone that would like to get involved in the city’s planning and to be a part of this new movement in Holtville. There may be more seats open after the election, as the Planning Commission Chairman (Jim Predmore) and Vice Chairman (Ginger Ward) are both seeking seats on the Holtville City Council.